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A few months ago on the 27th of December Melbourne's new High Capacity Metro Train(HCMT) finally entered revenue service on the Pakenham line. Running as an extra service unit 11(comprised of cars 9011-9111-9211-9311-9711-9811-9911) ran a single trip from the depot at Pakenham East to Flinders Street via the City Loop and return.



Coming down the hill into Narre Warren station with 9911 leading.


A general overview of the 90xx car arriving at Dandenong.


In each car there are 6 displays which display the next station, service information and what side the doors will be opening triggered by the Automatic Selective Door Operation(ASDO) beacon. The beacon also activates Train Operating System Safety Apparatus(TOSSA) telling the driver how far the stopping mark is and triggers the cameras on the side of the train.


The ASDO beacons located at the start of every platform to tell the train what side the doors should open. When the train stops it locks out the side the not to open like so.
The buttons themselves are not the usual press buttons. They're more touch sensitive and don't work like the rest of the fleet. Press it slightly too early it lights up red for 1.5 second and won't do anything. It's the reason why the "Wait for button to show Green before pressing" is there. People have been caught out and just keep pressing it not allowing the 1.5 second delay to run.


Looking towards the drivers cab. The first set of doors has 6 wheelchair spaces along with two companion seats. The two large cabinets next to the door contain the wheelchair ramps. These are pulled out and lowered using a couple of gas struts.


Looking back down the unit.


In addition to the 6 displays above the doorways each car has 3 dynamic displays. These display a strip map of the line and the location of the train, service information and when arriving at a station they show connecting services.


The full strip map of the dynamic display. Showing the next stop, following stops and the current location of the train. The greyed out stations with the arrow on the like indicates the train runs express through these stations.



These trains feature both assistance and emergency intercoms. Not that the functionally is much different.


With the crowds clearing we get a better look inside. At both ends of the car they feature both tip down and longitudinal seating.


And finally departing Hughesdale.


As of now 4 units have been approved for service. All are running extra services and not revenue.

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Always nice to see what's going on in the land down under. These are for the Melbourne Metro system, right? And are these the first to have the open gangway for walking between cars?

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16 hours ago, GojiMet86 said:

Always nice to see what's going on in the land down under. These are for the Melbourne Metro system, right? And are these the first to have the open gangway for walking between cars?

Yes they're for Melbourne. The Siemens fleet was the first to have open gangways but given they're only a 3 car unit you can only walk only half a train when coupled together. The HCMTs are a 7 car unit so you can walk the entire length. They do have fire doors in the DMp(the 91xx and 98xx) and DT(93xx) car but these are open in normal operation.

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