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A friendly "Hallo" from Germany

BVG Berlin

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Hello my name is BVG Berlin and I represent Berlin, Germany. I´m sorry for my simple school-english. I interested in buses, espacially double-deckers, which are the town´s landsmark. But it´s interesting to see buses from other countries / cities. Later I´ll open a new thread about the berlin mass transit. I hope you find it interesting :cool: And now a friendliy "S+U Zoologischer Garten, Endhaltestelle. Sie können noch bis zur Betriebshaltestelle mitfahren" B)

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How much is your bus system cost?


Every new doubledecker or articulated bus has a price about 400.000€ / 515.000$. Each day of application cost over 400€ / 515$. A single-decker has a price about 250.000€ / 320.000$. An application cost 300€ / 385$.

The busfleet of the BVG enfolded over 1350 buses, but the BVG had over 2000 buses. -_-

Have you some other questions?



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