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Animated Digital Bus & Train Destination Signs

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They look AWESOME!


I wouldn't mind having a K and P train side R44/R160

side sign with the following sequneces...



R44 K: K Kalila Av Exp

K to Purple P. Lnd


and also

K Kalila Av Exp

K to Turner Mall

K via Dwntwn Pkwy



R160 K: K Kalila Av Exp

K Purple peace land


and also


K Kalila Av Exp

K Turner Mall

K via Downtown Pkwy



R44 P: P Kalila Av lcl

P to Abdur-Razzaq Bl




P Kalila Av lcl

P to Turner Mall

P via Dwntwn Pkwy


R160 P : P Kalila Av local

P Abdur-Razzaq BL




P Kalila Av lcoal

P Turner Mall

P via Downtown Pkwy



R160 sign color: orignal gray

Flipdot: Exp for K , lcl for P

letter color : original gold for both


R44 sign color: original yellow


letter color: orignal letter color


Thank you!




(F)-"My R160s are the best!"



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1. Why do you need so many at once?:eek:

2. Look at the amount of requests he has backlogged. IMO, it would be nice to wait a bit.:cool:


I know! I was really trying since R44 CNG alredy made me one with incorrect spelling! He does not have to do all of them.

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Can you do a (K) Shuttle sign thats like this http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa240/DiamondPearlChamp/MTA/BLocal2LED.gif


(K) South Ferry Bound

(K) Via St George

(K) To South Ferry

(K) To St George

(K) To Tompkinsville


I Would also like the shuttle flipdot also.


And if possible (All same as (K))


(H) JFK Air Round-Bound

(H) This is Terminal 4

(H) Next Stop Jetblue Terminal (If it does not fit put "Nxt Stop Jetblue Term.")

(H) Last Stop Term. 8/9

(H) Next Train 5 Min

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  • 1 month later...

May I have 3 R160 LEDs signs please? Since you're probably busy, I'll be as patient as necessary.


[regular local downtown (6)]

Color: Original Gray

Flipdot: [LCL]


Color: Original Gray

<X> [EXP]

To: Coney Island/Bklyn

5 Avenue Exp

Via Westchester Ave Exp

Via West End Exp


Color: Original Gray

(Y) [LCL]

To: 205 St - Bx Science

5 Avenue Exp

Via University Ave Lcl

Via Northern Blvd Lcl


-the <X> and (Y) are white-

thankss so much

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N25 - Great Neck

LIRR Station


via New Hyde Pk Rd





N43 Freeport LIRR Station


Via Uniondale Av

Via Main St


N4 Jamaica Parsons-Archer


Via Merrick Rd


Don't be sorry that you denied [drowned out by train passing by]'s requests...


For the LIRR routes (25 and 43), the "LIRR Station" segment is centered under the name of the town... and don't worry, my routes are very much real.

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Now this is what I call real business. But then again, this is just something we call it "personal hobby". :cool:




















I love it.

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Hey Irt can i have a (M) To Braynt Pk(M)Via The (V)Line.(M)Next Stop:Exess St.and a (Q6Av) West End Exp(Q6Av)Phelem Bay Pk(Q6Av)If You Would(Q6Av)Like to See(Q6Av)my map(Q6Av)come to my thread(Q6Av)Coming(Q6Av)11/05/2010.Thats for my signutre.thanks so much.bye!

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