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What my cameras do to my iBook's HD!


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Ya so as most of you know i tend to get a lot of good photo stuff. I don't post all of it mostly because it would take forever to upload. That all aside i decided to post a screen shot of how much is actually taken up by my photo/video stuff even after an hours long trimming session to take out things i don't think are "keepers" or are redundant from my other computer.





The file types are explained by color on the right, but in case you cant' see it the green inside the pink on the left are my video files here and there in the larger section of image files which are photos taken by me. :D


The blue rectangle is my music, the green in the blue rectangle of files are movies. The rest is various other stuff which includes audio clips and stuff but are not part of iPhoto or iTunes.


- A

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From the looks of it, it looks like you need to defrag your hard drive man.


De-fragmenting simply means making file fragments be in one continuous section vs storing parts of a file in different places. I have no file fragments. They are simply grouped on there by folder. It's not a representation of the location of files on the HD just what size & in what folder. :D


Taking that, the huge pink block is iPhoto & the images in the pictures folder that it uses. Inside the iPhoto folders there are also videos taken by my cameras. They are stored using a thumbnail image taken from the very first frame of the video file. Those and all the other thumbnails are also represented as the very small pink squares.


The large oblong blue section directly next to the pink are files in the iTunes music folder. They store album artwork as well as movie video files.


On windows your files are scattered around in places like "my music" and "my pictures", on a mac everything is organized by which app uses them and kept away from the user by several layers of folders as to not let them accidently delete things. B)


- A

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