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R-160, other subways A/7/E

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I caught video of either (N) or (W) at Astoria Blvd from inside M60 bus





After Dinner at GWB Bridge Cafe, we head to 175th St (A)


Uptown (A)


Our (A) train


(E) rollsign taken from 42nd St-PABT Ramp






I first took (7) local from 5th Av to Times Sq, and same train became the Flushing <7> Express (Lucky for me)







I took it to Junction Blvd (home.)

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YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! R38 (A)-_- love it, and the shots!


@Fan Railer- yes, becuz there isnt enogh 40M/42 for the (A) at this time, so there is only one 10 set 38 living on the (A) , I think they are being stored at 207

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Wow an r38 A train, its been a while...I thought that they were exclusive on the C train. If they cud do that then why cant they just put like an r44 car set on the (C)? I wonder how that would look...

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