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My Fantasy MTA and other state transit


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I posted this on Strappies on Nov. 2005.


This is FANTASY idea for MTA, New Jersey Transit, and many other state buses.

This is ideal just came upon from my head.

Transport of Rockland

If Rockland coaches receive more money, another idea.

Create new bus service called 50 if it isn't take. It follows 11C route to Nyack, then goes to Palisade Mall, then gets across Tappan Zee Bridge, with stop at Westchester Medical Center, following W43 bus route to Bronx.


New Jersey Transit Bus:

Operate new long distance bus service between Newark Airport and Bronx, or Yonkers. This route will be called AE25R/Y since it will be operating by Atlantic Express.

Riverdale bus R and Yonkers Y will depart from Newark Airport Terminal A, stopping at B, C, then following NJT #62 bus into Newark Penn Station, then goes toward GWB, stop at George Washington Bridge unloading zone, then bus will goes follow M98 route to Broadway, then turn left at Broadway, stop only at 207th St, then goes north, then stop at 242nd St subway, then left at Manhattan College Parkway to Riverdale Av, then terminate at same stop as BxM buses. Reverse same way while Y buses will remain following BM3 route to Yonkers.


Another idea:

During the baseball event at either Yankees or Shea Stadium, create new special event bus service.

1. Yankees Baseball bus service will depart from GWB Bridge Plaza, then goes across Yankees Stadium, and take shortcut via Harlem River Drive to Macombs Bridge for Yankees Stadium.

2. MET baseball bus service will depart from Hoboken, NJ, following NJT #126 bus route to PABT, then M42/M104 only stopping at Times Sq/Grand Central, then following through QMT to LIE to Main St, then terminate at Sheas. Provides one seat bus ride to game, and same way for reverse.


Long Island Bus:

Create new LTD bus service between Babylon Station and Jamaica-179th St. New LTD bus will only correspond on major N72 and N6 LTD stops. This operates full times and might help with overcrowding bus. At HTC, this will drop-off/pickup at N6 lane while eastbound drop-off/pickup at N72. THis will gave one seat ride to passengers from Queens going past further east along N72 route. This might help ease crowding on N6 local. Instead of this terminating at Jamaica Bus Terminal, bus will go east on Merrick Blvd, west on Archer Av, terminate at same stop as Q25/Q34/Q65, then following it's turnaround pattern back to Archer Av, then west on 168th St, west on 89th St, then pickup passenger at N6 stop, then head toward Babylon.


Another fantasy for NYC bus.

Create new bus service from Rockaways to LGA Airport. THis bus will be Q90 bus. Since Q53 terminal is near LaGuardia, new bus will operate as former non-stop Q53 service, following new pattern via Woodhaven Blvd, then at Roosevelt Av, bus will follow Q33 route via LGA back to 75th St, then onto Broadway, following Q53 former express route with via Hoffman/Woodhaven Blvd.

This might bring happiness to passenger who miss Q53 non-stop.

Stops are:

Westbound: Q53 LTD stops to Noel Rd, then

Jamaica Bay Wildlife (request or flag only)

Woodhaven Bvld/63rd Drive,

all Q53 stops again, then

Roosevelt Av/81st St

83rd St/35th Av

83rd St/Northern Blvd

85th St/Astoria Blvd

23rd Av/87th St

same stop as M60 and becomes southbound to American Airlines, then

94th St/Ditmars Blvd

23rd Av/94th St

85th St/23rd Av

82nd St/Astoria Blvd

82nd St/Northern Blvd

82nd St/35th Av

Roosevelt Av/82nd St, then non-stop to Broadway/75th St, then follow Q53 pattern to Woodhaven Blvd/63rd Drive,


Jamaica Bay: Request or flag only

Noel Rd, then regular Q53 bus stop service to Rockaways.


Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, New Jersey.

Create new local/limited bus service between City Island, Co-Op City, Throgs Neck & LGA via Throgs Neck Bridge.

Bus will begin from Bx29 terminus in City Island, then stop at Pelham Bay Park, follows QBx1 Co-Op City, then follows BxM7 bus to Cross Bronx Expressway, follow BxM9, then enters Edgewater Park, then goes back on Throgs Neck Expressway, proceed onto Throgs Neck Bridge, then goes south on Clearview Expressway (if bus is allowed), exit at Northern Blvd, switch to service RD to following Q27 and making Q27 LTD stops only to Roosevelt Av/Main St, where it make corresponding (7) stops along Q48 route, then follows Q23 bus route at

103rd St/Roosevelt Av, 37th Av, 32nd Av, Astoria Blvd premise, then into all Q33/Q72 stop to American Airlines, and back via Q48 to Q23, then 102nd St/32nd Av, 102nd St/37th Av, 37th Av/104th St, 104th St/Roosevelt Av, then goes corresponding (7) stop along Q48, then follows corresponding Q27 LTD stop back to Clearview Expressway Service Rd, then expressway to Throgs Neck Bridge, then follow Bx8/BxM9 through Edgewater Park, then Bruckner Expressway North through Co-Op city to Pelham Bay Park, then return to City Island terminus.


Create two new express service between St. George or Tottenville and Newark Airport via Bayonne, NJ within local fare service.

This will be called S100.

This bus will depart from S100 stops at St. George, making S81 stops to Verrazaro Narrows Bridge, where bus will get on exclusive bus lane on SIE Westbound, exit at Richmond Av, goes around Staten Island Mall, follows S89 bus to 34th St HBLR, then goes to Newark Airport. Once entering Newark Airport, bus driver change its direction, and goes back to 34th St HBLR Station, follow S89 to Staten Island Mall, then follows X17C route to SIE Exlucsive Bus Lane, then exit to Hylan Blvd, make S81 stop back to St. George.

S102 departs from X23 stop at Huguenot, follows X23 route to West Shore Expressway to SIE, exit at Richmond Av, same way as S100 into Newark Airport, then back to Staten Island Expressway, following X23 route at West Shore Expressway to Huguenot Station.


What do you guys think of my fantasy?

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