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General service alert.


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SEPTA is encountering a more severe than normal impact to on-time performance due to slipery rail conditions. If you plan on using SEPTA regional rail during this season please allow for extra 30-45 minutes of travel and waiting times. Please check frequently with the customer service line to get up to date information once using a computer/train view isnt possible (once you leave the house etc).


I have talked personally to several people and they told me that the wind we've been getting in this area has been causing a "tunnel" effect sucking leaves away from the trees & ground near the ROW and then they settle on the track area. The behavior of the leaf falling this year was severely affected by unstable weather patterns over the last year, with whole trees having dead leaves still attached 2-3 weeks after they changed color, the wind has been defoliating these trees & thus the slippery rail conditions are worse than usual. This should only last 2-3 more weeks & become less of a problem as SEPTA and amtrak & 2 other railroads help clear the areas affected with water jet MOW cars, but there is only so much you can do per day.




- A

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