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R44 on the B via the F line....


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Nice, man. You should get a picture of the front rollsign.

Thanks!! But it was merely an R44 with broken signs, the first four cars was signed up as the (:P via the (F) and the other four cars signed up as the (A) to (JFK)

Nice Pictures!



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Is it me or those signs not make sense:

(:D to Essex/Delancey

(;) via Nassau St.


Just wondering, maybe I'm wrong. Cool find though


Ya maybe it was ment (J) or (Z) anyways nice findz

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To R42:


It's supposedly a R44.

Well they do look the same, though.

I think this train is really an A train, except the displays got messed up. As we all know, the 207th Street Yard/Pitkin Yard harbours the R44s, while Jamaica takes "good" care of the R46s. :D

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That's not via the (F) line; it's via the (J)(M) terminating at Essex St. (which the sign calls "Essex-Delancey". The signs have that for all of the southern lines B, D, N, Q, R, T, and of course the (J) and (M) as well.


There used to be rumors about the cars going to the (:D, but that's very unlikely now. That probably would have been if the (A) got the 160's instead of the (N)(Q)(W).

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