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Getting to whiteplains newyork from bronx newyork.

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Use google map, enter that there, and it will show you where its at


and I think you mean:


198 Center Ave, Mamaroneck, Westchester, New York 10543


make sure you type it correctly if its not that, otherwise google map cant help


I think the Bee Lines go up there not too sure


Or MNRR at Foradham Plaza, I think the Harlem or Heaven Lines will do

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170 Street and which cross street?


The fastest way is to take the Metro North up to White Plains.


If you don't want to spend a lot of $ then take the (4) to Bedford Park Boulevard, and transfer to the 20 up to Central Avenue and Harding Avenue, and walk up Central Avenue.

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Second, definitely do the Metro North. Just don't get stuck up there in Westchester county.


Sidebar:: Last Thanksgiving, I joined Zipcar and rented a car to go to my parents house. I grew up in Lancaster, PA.

I made the reservation too late and had to go to Purchase College to pick up the car.

Everything worked out okay. I took the Metro North from Williamsbridge to White Plains and hopped in a cab to Purchase.

When I returned the car, I googled cab companies on my BlackBerry and called maybe 4 of them all of which denied me a cab at Purchase. Apparently they only pick up from 2 spots on campus and being that I knew nothing about Purchase College before I had to go there to pick up a rental, I couldn't get a cab. And the Bee-Line bus was on an hourly schedule that day:rolleyes::mad:.

If you remember Thanksgiving last year, it was pretty frigid out. I had to walk from Purchase College all the way back to the White Plains Metro North station.

I was pretty irritated that day. It took about an hour and a half to walk that stretch. There aren't sidewalks for most of that walk until you get to White Plains, so I had to step off the road a bunch of times when traffic was passing.


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What trains/buses do i take to get to this adress


New York Metro Reptile Expo, Westchester County Center, 198 Central Ave



Im Located on bronx newyork 10457.


Let me know,Thanks.


I THINK I know what bldg. you're talking about.... but in any event:



  • take the metro north to white plains, then walk along tarrytown road... if you begin to see high-rise bldg's, you're walking into the heart of white plains... which would be in the wrong direction for where you're trying to go....

  • or if you have time to kill... take the BL-20 (or BL-21, if you can catch it) to Tarrytown Rd. (basically, where the 20/21 makes a right turn on tarrytown road... you'll know it when you see it... it's like a 4-5 lane road in either direction....)


btw, central av & central park av. is interchangable... the bus route I'm talking about runs along that street to get to white plains...


you're around 170th st... just take the 4 to bedford park blvd... and then make an xfer; that's the first stop on the BL20/21....

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