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Do they still run redbirds? im dying to see one...how would i know when they would be

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Go to corona yard @ the shea studium stop on the (7) line, from the boardwalk you see over the yard there will be a few R33/R36 WF cars sitting around. Heres R36WF 9682-9583 freshly repainted sitting there in all her glory....




As for riding one, these days you can only ride one on a fan trip or a vintage train run in revenue service in the "TOMC"




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oh man those pictures were awesome...:(:D:D


I can't wait until i get on a fantrip for the first time...i dont know what will be more better...seeing a vintage train make a stop and watching the doors open or being inside holding one of those old handles...man..

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What you can do is:


-Go to a yard, best places: 239th Street, Union Port(Via the (2) or (5) train), Westchester and Corona

-Go to the museum, the original paint scheme was silver and blue for strip, prior to 1987 i think. Except R33WF/36WF which were aqua based

-Go to a Special Annual SMEE tour, you will see all the Rebirds there, excluding 26, 28, 29. But you will see redbirds, R12, 15 and others


If you want to see a R30 Redbird, which is IND based go to Concourse Yard, on Jerome and Bedford park blvd, next to the Bx28/26/25 bus stops

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Dam it sounds like there are quite a few left out there. Im going 2 try 2 see all these places. they were cool when i was a kid...i remember i used 2 get mad when the " metal trains " wud come instead of the " red " ones lol.


Yeah, the same happened to me. man, i loved riding those redbirds. When i was younger, i would call the redbirds "the red train" and if i saw an R62/A, i would call them "the grey train".

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Garbage train is the place to see one, as others said. Those ain't really worth looking for though. The painted ones that is, or were at Corona Yard, are the ones to look for. The ones for refuse collection, are horrid inside and out. We used one at Westchester Yard to simulate an operation if we had a breakdown........

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