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R40 Slant On The (A)

Fresh Pond

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OK, here's how the story goes...



On saturday, I was on the rustbucket (otherwise known as the R38) at Utica Ave, going into the city. On the opposite side, I see a R40 slant on the (A). At first, I couldn't believe it. I only saw the number of one car, 4448. Later on that night, at Howard Beach-JFK, I was waiting for the (A) to come. Then, that's when I saw it. The very same R40 slant. I walked through the cars and the sign said this:



-------------------| -----|

207 St, Manhattan | |

-------------------| (A) |

JFK Airport | |






I walked through the car and I saw this sign:



-------------------| -----|

Bedford Pk Blvd, Bronx| |

-------------------| (C) |

Rockaway Park, Qns| |




I think that the (C) is going to get the slant 40's.

Open for discussion:D

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