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Can some one post these up.




I am Switching image hosters


I would greatly appreciate it if you gave the proper creadits to the people that actualy BUILT the buses. I'm sure that Cedric and Chris would greatly appreciate that. Other than that, I like the colors that you added:)

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damn you guys got me busy on this forum tonight, okay since we're on the subject I might as well show off some of my old work I havnt had time to paint one of these in a hot minute too busy taking pics of the dern things...all of these are MY work the only exception is I didnt make the buses I just painted them into the schemes again the body was done by others I just painted them...












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Nice. I just mass downloaded them all. I'd like the earlier ones in the bigger size too, though.


One other question....why are the driver's side front windsheilds a separate piece on the later designs?


which ones? you mean the Flxibles and Orions?

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Nice work! Just one thing, the yellow stripe on the Bee-Line Orion is too bright, the beeline name is all lowercase, and the 800 series Orions are all single door suburbans, other then that great job! I love that MCI!!:P



Thanks about the MCI! I will the fix orion. Also I am working on the metrocard bus 8319.

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