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Favorite four tracked subway line


Which four tracked express-local line do you like?  

  1. 1. Which four tracked express-local line do you like?

    • BMT Brighton (B)(Q)
    • BMT 4 Avenue (D)(M)(N)(R)
    • IND Fulton (A)(C)
    • IRT Eastern Parkway (2)(3)(4)(5)

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I have a question for those who live in Brooklyn and those who visit them by taking the subway. Which four-tracked subway line do you like riding the most? You can choose more than one if you ride more that such one line every day. I'm talking about express and local service running in both directions, not the three tracked line with express service in peak direction.


Your options are


BMT Brighton (;)(Q)

BMT 4 Avenue (D)(M)(N)(R)

IND Fulton (A)(C)

IRT Eastern Parkway (2)(3)(4)(5)


(N) Sea Beach has four tracks, but the express tracks are not used in regular service so that does not qualify.

(F)(G) Culver line express tracks are not used in regular service.

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I love riding the Fulton line. I think that link is IND subway at its best, nice easy curves, nice stations, and not too many timers. I do think the best part of that line is south of Euclid Ave and to Grant Ave. That area is alot like the Twilight Zone, but thats for a different discussion. I just wish that the connection the the El was not built and the subway line continued as planed.

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I picked the BMT 4th Avenue Line....the (N) be hauling up and down the 4th Avenue Express track.


Other picsk that are not listed:

Lexington Avenue Line (4)(5) b/w 14th Street-Union Square and 125th Street

7th Avenue Line (2)(3) b/w 72nd Street and Times Square-42nd Street

Broadway Line (N)(Q) b/w 14th Street-Union Square and 34th Street-Herald Square

Central Park West Line (A)(D) b/w 59th Street-Columbus Circle and 125th Street

Queens Blvd Line (E)(F) Jamaica bound b/w Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue and Forest Hills/71-Continental Avenues

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you could expand to other boros then brooklyn ;) =| oh well lol


My Fav:


-IND St Nicholas/Central Park like (A)(C)(;)(D)

IRT Broadway Line (1)(2)(3)

-IRT- Lexington Ave line (4)(5)(6)

IND- Queens Blvd Line (E)(F)(G)(R)(V)

BMT Broaway Line (N)(R)(Q)(W)

3 Track:


-IRT White Plains Road Line (2)(5)<5>

-IRT Pelham Bay Line (6)<6>

-IRT Brodway/Van Cortland lines (1)


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great question...this is my favoritge aspect of the NYC subway, the thing that sets it apart from other systems.NOW...that said, ill list my top 5 and why starting from my favorite 1 (A)(C) fulton line especially when riding an R38 2 (E)(F)(G)(R)(V) queens Blvd, where an R46 really flexes its muscles 4 (2)(3)(4)<5> eastern pkwy always loved this stretch. falling to #4 is (;)(Q) brighton line because i still cant get over the (D) being replaced, and i hate that its on 4th ave.i used to love this one and ride it most being from Coney Island tied at #5 (1)(2)(3) Broadway/7th ave & (4)(5)(6) Lexington ave and i probably underrated these lines with such a low pick the way the expresses just thunder past local stations riding so fast you damn near travel back in time.

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Four tracked subway lines are too common in Manhattan (I should have expanded the choices there and Queens), and there's only one four tracked subway line in Queens Boulevard. (E)(F)(G)(R)(V).


I find Brooklyn's four tracked lines more interesting. Brighton Line (:((Q) would have to be my favorite of the four.

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