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How the supposed 6:40 bus at the River & Gorge (which is NOT Gorge) stop can be so absurdly late every day without fail is beyond me. The 6:10 is almost always close enough on time and the 7:40 usually is too. But the 6:40 seems to show up around 7:15 or later everyday regardless of the driver. Didn't always used to be like this...


End rant. I wish the HBLR followed River Rd further north...

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very seldom i think traffic is the problem. i know the road it travels down and occasionally will catch a ride with a coworker who lives in Harlem and takes the bridge back into NYC and I'll see the bus that shoulda been there at 640 just taking its time with no traffic in sight. the 610 bus is always on time, the 740 bus is always on time. last year the 640 had a different driver and it was always on time.


if i could leave work earlier i would, believe me haha.

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