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Nicknames for Buses!

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N-Trizzy started a thread similar to this, but about trains. I want to kno of any names for buses that you came up with. There is no "General Bus Forum" so i put this here. feel free to move if necessary.


When I was little i'd call the Bee-Line RTS buses sun buses, i dont remember why. The M.A.N SG320s were called Mr. Magoos cause they were old and busted, i call the MCI 102-A2s "The Hunchbacks of Westchester County" because of the rear slope, theres more, i just cant remember as of now.

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Orion VII - Tissuebox, golf cart, hyshits and the CNG ones competely not good and compressed natural garbage.


8400 series TMC RTS @ Flatbush - raggly, heard a driver call 8412 that LOL.


Flexbles - Flex


MCI crusiers - Cadillacs


LIB CNG's - moving freezers The A/C's on their buses always be ICE COLD.


Nova RTS's(The ones @ flatbush and jamaica to be extact) Rocket ships since they take off so fast


PBL GMC RTS - same as above



FP RTS's A$$ burners, if sit in the back near the engine on an FP RTS it will burn your A$$!!

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