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South Ferry Loop demolishes?


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If MTA were to demolish the sf/bg inner/outer loop, in favor for the (1) new SF station, how would the (5) play a role to this on Middays and Weekends?


Middays to Flatbush possibly? <5>

Weekends to Flatbush I doubt, but Brooklyn Bridge with the (6) i guess? I doubt it will cut to E180th for weekends...


Wouldnt it be better to keep the SF loop, and have the (5) run down SF where the (1) was at?

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It would be a complete waste of money to demolish it. You can see through to where the new station is being worked on if you look out the window in 2 spots. You can see the work light and fresh concrete beige color through the various gaps where the switch is to send it to the new station vs through the loop station.


It will be preserved i believe. I have photos & videos of it. just in case it isnt! :D


- A

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