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Today & Two Years Past

R62A 1991

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Hi, everyone. Back in NY for a week. I celebrated by taking my 4000th photo with my new (as of 2007) camera while on business @ the Empire State Building. I only took a few today, as my camera's battery died en route on a Brand Spankin' New R160A-2 (it smelled like that).

Things to note: The (3) has gotten significantly more crowded, even at 6 minute headways. We were crushloaded at Pennsylvania (3rd Stop), and the last train left ON TIME. Maybe it's because school is still in.

I like the small wraps on the R62s, but when that elusive R62A (3) came by, it looked tacky only being on 2 of the cars in that 10-car set.

Like I said, I rode a new R160A today. In fact, I rode 2. And they were both attached to R160B sets (I knew this by watching the boards beforehand). I thought that was cool.

Saw an R42 on the (F). I'm thinking I should head there next?

If the MTA is thinking about cutting service, when I arrived @ Penn Station on Saturday night, platform was RUSH HOUR-type crowded and I could barely fit onto the (2) with my bags.

CBTC was in effect for at least 2 trains on the (L), saw from Livonia Av. That's good, because I was hearing reports that it was failing a lot lately.

Picture time!

The 4000th picture (no, it's not the best. It just happened to be it...)



Oh, the (V) gets no love at Herald Sq?



I must admit, I was off my game today. So here's some from 2 years ago today!

The (4)'s at New Lots during the Rush Hour:





That day, I took a full trip on the only R160 set, using its scheduled 8:27 AM departure from Stillwell. Great day. Let's hope I get some better pictures in tomorrow as I head to Mill Basin.

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I know the R142A/S share the same parts, but where do I see them couples =\ ?


Hmmmmm I go by the car numbers not the train itself

R-142A #7611-7730

R-142S #7731-7810


Leading car is #7710, 2nd car is #7709 R-142A and I'm sure cars 5-10 are #778x-#778x R-142S b/c I have a video of the same thing that I took 2 weeks ago

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nice shots



Nice photos! :)



Most excellent pics....love the R-142A/S coupled (4) train

Thanks! I loved it when it arrived that morning as well.


nice pics!


lol i guess MTA dont like the V anymore

Thanks! I guess they don't, because it's the only Jamaica Line to not receive an R42 yet (although the (G) occurrence wasn't due to Jamaica).

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