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What Happens when you cross an R62 and a R142..


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Love it so much, that would make such a one off. R142Bs!


I wouldnt call it R142B, seeing that its modified, it can be:



R162 as dave said



I wonder if this will be preserved in the museum, what happen to the R22 Money Train? did that got scrapped?

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eh, prolly just a modified R62. They had to do this because in scenes of the movie, they have to uncouple the cars, and R142's can't individually be coupled. Just a theory.

I wonder if this thing could actually run.


probably, since it seems to have all propulsion equipment still intact, and they do use r62a singles for service...

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Wow, that is creepy that a R-62 is becoming nearly exactly like a R-142!!!


They did it intentionally to render it into a R142A mock-up. It's not that creepy to me, as I heard of many transit agencies turn a set of cars into something totally different. The TTC took a T1 subway car and made it into a "Rocket"... (the mock-up is pretty grotesque, mind me)...

However, the purpose for this transition is quite odd... turning this into a "NTT" for a film! Wow... I think, in the future, when the R62s have ended their lives, this car will be preserved (just like how the French Connection R42s cars are being preserved), but again, it is too far in the future to think about.

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