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Which are the fastest and slowest subways in NYC? All 22 lines, ranked.

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Here's all 22 trains(no(S),(SF),(SR), or(SIR)), ranked in terms of speed.

1. (2)train. This 7 Ave Express is INSANELY fast. Between 96 St and Times Square-42 St, it usually goes 45-60mph, passing 59 St-Columbus Circle at up to 64mph.

2. (3)train. This is just the (2) train, I only put it second because technically the highest speed I've recorded on a (3) is only 62mph, passing 79 St.

3. (5)train. Between 86 St and Grand Central-42 St, the (5) can get up to 61mph. Usually 40-57mph.

4. (4)train. Same as the (5), I only ranked it below because the (5) sometimes goes express in the Bronx, so it's a little faster.

5. (A)train. This train has some of the fastest segments in the MTA, between 59 St and 125 St(Up to 62mph, usually 42-57mph), and Howard Beach-Broad Channel(never ridden it, but i know it's around 60mph).

6. (D)train. This train also goes from 59 St to 125 St, and it goes no slower than the previously mentioned (A)! From 34 St to West 4 St it can reach 54mph, usually around 47mph. Fourth Avenue it's not slow, but its speed is a bit more modest.

7. (N)train. You can't make a list of the fastest trains without mentioning the fastest single segment in the MTA, the 60 St Tunnel, where trains can reach 65mph. I am ranking the (N) lower than the (2)(3)(4)(5)(A)(D) because the 60th Street Tunnel is the only place where the (N) is that fast, but it's not bad otherwise. Many other fast trains are consistently fast, even when they are local.

8. (7)train. Ah yes, the (7) train. Great local, goes very fast around 36-44mph on average and up to 51mph. Everyone should agree with this.

9. (L)train. I could have easily ranked this over the (7), I just decided not to. Another New York favorite.

10. (1)train. This is my train, my personal favorite train, and all around AMAZING. I wanted to rank it above the (7) and (L), but I know those two are New Yorker favorites, so I couldn't. But if I should, I'd be glad to. Goes around 35-40mph on average and recorded at 54mph once between 168 St and 181 St.

11. (E)train. The QBL Express can go up to 62mph, which is faster than many trains ranked above it. I ranked it this low because when it's 53 St/8 Ave Local it's a bit slow. It's good though.

12. (Q)train. Unlike many other trains, the (Q) train does not have a particularly fast segment, it's just all around pretty nice.

13. (B)train. Between 34 St and West 4 St, like the (D) it can get up to 54mph, and as a Brighton Express it can get up to 48mph.

14. (6)train. This is a pretty nice Lexington Avenue Local, usually 30-36mph, a healthy speed for a local.

15. (F)train. The ONLY thing the (F) has for it is QBL Express. It is ranked well below the (E) because when it is local, it goes REALLY slow, 21-33mph.

16. (G)train. This is the last of the trains that are good or at least acceptably fast, the rest are straight-up slow and awful.

17. (W)train. This is the first of the bad trains, and it is slow all around and its only segment above 40mph is the 60th St Tunnel.

18. (R)train. This is just like the (W), but i ranked it even lower than the (W) because it continues its slowness all the way to Bay Ridge-95 St, while the (W) only goes slow until Whitehall.

19. (M)train. Slow on QBL, slow on Sixth Avenue, and slow in Brooklyn. Not much good about it in terms of speed, and it's not a very good train either.

20. (C)train. Slow all around, just like the (M)(R)(W).

21. (Z)train. Z-grade train. Not fast at all, and a rush-hour only train.

22. (J)train. J for joke. Slowest train in NYC.

So that's the list. All 22 trains. Comment your thoughts below!

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22 hours ago, Isaiah Billings said:

I mean yeah it can go 55, but it's nothing compared to the 60mph express on CPW, QBL, and B'way-7 Ave.

Mmm...Imagine having such a slow ride...

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