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Earlier this year one of my operator friends took a trip out to the Antique Motor Coach Associations Of PA's Garage out in Portersville, PA (Couple Miles North Of Pittsburgh) this is actually their new garage I couldnt make it myself but my friend manage to get a couple nice shots of what they have...this was during an Open House they had their main goal is the preserve the transit history (mostly bus) of Western PA they've had to make a few sacrifices over the years but other than that they are doing pretty well right now they was just in pittsburgh recently for the 250 Celbration you guys remember those shots i put up..anywho, heres some shots from AMCAP:



PAT #3500 which is a 1982 Neoplan AN440 "Pennliner" was the newest addition to their fleet a couple years ago as you can see its still holding up well needs some paint but I use to love riding these when I was a kid.



PAT #3070 is a 1983 M.A.N SG310 longest bus at AMCAP as it is 55' in Length these were basically the buses to see before PAT recieved those Ikarus Buses in 1991 these were part of a 2nd order of MAN artics the first order came in 1979... you also found some of these running the south hills runs to what I hear this bus is in very good condition



PAT #1129 this bus came to Pittsburgh in 1966 AMCAP got a coach (#1120) which is exactly similar as this one they were both rebuilt in 1986 and were the last fishbowls to run here in 1995 both need some nice little bit of work but both are operational.



PAT#1985 to what I heard was an Old Transit Fans dream here this is a suburban Fishbowl I believe I dont have to much info on this one it was built in 1970 owned by PAT until the early 90s when AMCAP acquired it its in good shape from the looks of it paint her up and it just needs a little body work.



another shot of 1985 this time its the rear, next to it is a 1947 MACK C-45GT #314 which is currently receving major mechanical work the MACK is from a company called Penisula Transit? anywho, the other bus next to it is #479 which is a 1949 GM Old Look From Brentwood Motor Coach (before PAT took over operations) that bus is currently non-operational.



;ast but not least the star of the AMCAP collection #775 for Harmony Short Line Turned PAT Bus recently restored into its original Harmony Paint scheme, AMCAP acquired it in 1991 and it was (And still is) the focal point of their organization right now their doing interior work to it seats, etc but its a very nice bus in my opinion looks even better in person.


thats about it for now hopefully soon or one day I can make it out to AMCAP myself and get more pics of their collection they seem to be doing well right now and hopefully they'll get more buses ready for restoration...to what I heard #1985 might be the next one so we'll see in years to come....hope you guys enjoyed!

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