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Culver Line Viaduct Rehablitation and Mother Clara Hale Bus Dept.


How do you like these projects?  

  1. 1. How do you like these projects?

    • Awesome, I love it and hope it gets done soon!
    • Good, I like it and hope it doesn't disrupt my trip.
    • Bleh, boring... MTA likes to waste it's money...
    • No opinion, show me the results!!!

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Hopefully this means that Culver express service is around the corner


Doubt it. There will likely be no possibility of express service during construction since they may have to use those express tracks for regular local service with temporary extended platforms as was done with the Brighton Line for a time. Also, I don't see how even once the work is completed that Culver Express service will be anymore possible than it is right now. Of course, with the budget cuts we're seeing now, I would forget about it. If anything, extend the (G) to Church Ave and call it a day.

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Guest Charles

It would be such a shame to see the Culver Line crumble.

It boasts some of the nicest views in the entire subway system, including the system's highest-elevated system, the sharp turn off Smith-9th, and a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline.

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idc much about the culver line


but its great to see Mother Clara Depo getting repaired, i thought they started it?


And does this mean After 2012 Amsterdam Depo Will be Closed? :P


ya thanks mate~ curake will u know bus gut 0=D?


Cuz Ill miss this depo!!! I always pass it grabbing my MaBSTOA bus pics :P I love those hyprids and the M18 going there ;)


as for Culver I think the (MTA) should just push the (G) to church AFTER its finish, to save Money!!!

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