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11-30-08 Nostalgia Train on the (V)

Fred G

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Really nice job, especially with the people's expressions! :)


Thanks! My favorite part is seeing the expressions of surprise and then happiness.


love em, i like pic 1, the man in the center is like


Uh-oh Im getting shot =O better move........... B)


LOL, he doesn't mind being photographed I'm sure. Thanks for the compliment.


nice pics fred.




NIce pics. What cars where there.


100-484-1300-1575-381-401-1802 (not in that order). 7 cars so stand at the 8 car mark B)


TSS driving it? That's odd. I thought they didn't do T/O duties.


I think he's a T/O who just wore a tie for the occasion, unless of course, you know the guy and then I'll just shaddup B)


Excellent, Fred G. You spend on Vintage all days?

I only could ride this Sunday first run because I'll be extreme busy with FDNY Family X-Mas Party.


Thanks, FamousNYLover, I'm afraid this was the only day I could make it down to catch them. I dunno, maybe the last Sunday I can drop in, too.


Awesome shots!

I'll be riding this Sunday!



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Those shots were all excellent Fred!


Good to see ya again btw!


Thanks, amigo, and you too!


Nice pics, Fred!


Thanks, UlmerPark!


Nice pics Fred. It was a pleasure meeting you.


Thanks, FG and I was pleased to meet you as well.


Nice pix! One of the best you can find of the NYCT Subways! Great job, love them! B)!


Thanks, AWWang!


Most excellent pics Fred:D


Thanks, Avenue X :) LOL, thanks so much, Curtis B)

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Nice Pictures!


Thanks, Kexpress!


RFW was so crowed, too bad I couldn't make it to NYC. Love the R1's. (W) deserves it more then the (V) cuz the (V) ain't going nowhere.


Nice shot Freddy, did I see my Brightliners in one shot?


Thanks, N-Trizzy, you sure did see Brightliners as they're still running on the E.




R42's too!



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Hey there Fred.


What lens did you take that Brightliner shot with?


I used the Tamron 17-35 f2.8-4. I shot in aperture priority, stopped down to f22 and my shutter was at 1/5. Really slow to blur the train.


The other shot I posted later was same lens, but only stopped to f5. As you know, Tamron makes fine lenses ;)


Awsome photos fred!!





Hes not a TSS, hes just an normal M/M i seen him operating road trains before.


Thanks, trainfan22! Yeah, that's what I thought and he spiffed up for the occasion.

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