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Bus pics I took 2day (12/03/08)!

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That looks like somewhere on 57 St! Were you over there today? ;):D:rolleyes::cool: Nice shots man..:D


Thanks Zach:D and yes I was in the area of 57th Street.....it been a while since I've bene over there:p


Wow, its been a long time since anyone took pics of the 126th Street Depot RTSs, the M31 and M57 lines. Awesome Pics Man!


Thank you sir....M57 is part of MJQ and these are my 1st pics of the M31 126th Street depot RTS Nova's=awesomeness:cool:....I must go back in that area again but on the East Side:D

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Guest Charles

I also just realized the headlights closer to the license plate of 3215 have the regular border, but the ones on the other sides have the older, black border found on the earlier MCI cruisers.



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