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MTH 2009 Volume One Catalog Announces New O Gauge NJ Transit Equipment

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MTH has secured a license to manufacture and market equipment bearing the NJ Transit image. Several NJT items have been announced in the recently released 2009 Volume 1 Catalog.


Motive power is being offered in the form of the ALP44 and ALP46 electrics. In addition, new multi-level equipment will be produced as well. The link to the electronic version of the catalog is as follows:




To see the locomotives, click on electric locomotives in the Premier section. The multi-levels can be found under Premier passenger cars.


I cannot predict with total confidence how accurate the production models will be when compared to their specific prototypes; however, given the very specific nature of the operating territory of this equipment, it is unlikely other manufacturers would produce alternative choices anytime soon so this will most likely be our best opportunity to acquire models of this equipment.





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