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LIRR Signals


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Can anyone describe to me how to read the overhead LIRR signals? I see them all the time with the various light configurations but I have no idea what they mean since it's not like the NYCT red/green signals. Thanks!

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The LIRR uses both wayside position light signals as well as cab signalling. Here's a site that shows you what all the aspects of the signal mean: http://broadway.pennsyrr.com/rail/Signal/aspects_us_prr.html


As far as I know, the LIRR does not use the medium-approach or red lenses in any of their signals. The cab signals are transmitted to the train via the running rails and are of the ASC (automatic speed control) variant. Speed limits in the current stretch of track are displayed in the engineers cab, but i'm unsure if the speed control takes active enforcement (i.e. applying service braking in overspeed).


I hope someone else can fill us in on the details, i've never found as much info on LIRR signalling as I have on NYCT signalling.

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