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(R) to Staten Island...


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Well in regards to the Verrazano-Narrow's being used, the problem wouldn't be if it's strong enough to do it but rather what the constant movement of the trains would do to it. The Manhattan Bridge has this problem with the trains right now due to the tilt and sway that they cause; damaging the bridge and tracks.

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Well, the (R) needs to be digged and the rise of the rails may be very steep. The train may even have to circle around a few to reach the bridge height...


Sorry, for this post since I cannot find the other threads via search...


The tunnel that needs to be digged might affect the structure of the Verrazano. That's the scary part.

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It's a great idea to extend Staten Island Railway to Brooklyn and have NYC subway connect with SIRT.


Not really. People don't really go between them as much as you think. People use the bridge to get from long island and north to NJ.


As i've stated before, what really needs doing is rehab of north shore line & connect to HBLR in bayonne. :)


- A

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