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Sea Beach

12/7-Nostalgia and Some F,G & R

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I went On The Nostalgia Today With Some People from TTMG and Here.


I didnt get many pics & vids because my stupid phone died.:)


I'll start with the Nostalgia.



2nd Ave-Nostalgia








Nostalgia Pulling Into Queens Plaza







(F) & (G) @ 4th Ave











(R) @ Rossevelt





Enjoy :D

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Lol who was the guy in the video gesting for the T/O to blow the horn? ;)


My friend Danny from TTMG. Lol


oh man, totally missed out, is there going to be another one soon hopefully??


yep,every sunday til December 28th. Heres the schedule:




Did you get a pic of a (G) layup at Church? Nice pics by the way.


No,but I did spot a (G) at 7th Ave,but couldnt take a pic cause my phone died. :( Thanks! B)

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Nice pics! :D


Thanks! :)


Nice pics you got there! Good video as well. That PA sounded nice and clear in that video!


Thanks! :) Yea,very clear and im suprised about that cause its a cell phone :D You were standing near me while I was taking the vid,lol.


I seen the train on my last Trip going S/B and I blew the horn as I entered 2 AV operating a R 32 (F).:D


I was right across from you then,lol.




Thanks! :)


Nice Pictures and Video!


Thanks! :)

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