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Should our country bail out the Detroit Automakers (GM, Chrysler/Dodge & Ford)

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In the worst economy since maybe the 1930's, there is another huge debate going on that could be more important than the bank bailout is this.


Should we the American taxpayer bail out the Detroit Automakers? Supporters of the bailout state without the bailout up to 10 Million more jobs will be lost. I know this is a mass transit website but remember where does most of our buses in NYC metro area come from? That right Detroit.


What you guys think?

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YES. 700 billion for all the "financial service" criminals on wall street who don't actually make tangible goods and who play games with all the money those companies receive from people who are investing. i'm not talking about the traders, i am talking about the banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, brokers, and other Financial services groups - THEY DO NOT MAKE ANY ACTUAL PRODUCT. Hell the average person in this country doesn't even understand what they do fully, including some of the employees that even work for these companies!


Our economy is weakening because we have outsourced everything and ran a trade deficit. While it cuts costs, this is short sighted as it develops foreign nations that can grow to outpace us. Executive compensation is a big problem. CEO's here make way more than they do in other countries. Other countries now make higher quality goods than us cheaper. It is time to change the system because the Fat Cat way doesn't work anymore. CUT executive pay and get back to manufacturing more goods and exporting to other countries. We're getting to the point where all we do is sit in offices all day "planning" and doing these paper jobs that do not deliver value to any actual customers (ie advisory services).


Like it or not auto's are one of the last things we make in this country and we have to rally around that or else all hope of a bottom up recovery may be lost. To those saying to support the financial services, well what happens when other countries realize they can do that stuff too? Then we'll really be out of luck. They'll pay less in salaries, particularly higher ups, and beat us there. We have to get back to manufacturing, people have to get off thinking they're entitled to work an "easy white collar job" and the whole country has to get back to being lunch pail blue collar can do work ethic and attitude. And if Americans buy American it will help greatly because this country SHOULD BE ABLE to be self sufficient, doesn't mean we have to be, but we can't be so dependent on other countries in the present with a blind eye to the future thinking that we have exclusive rights to the majority of the white collar jobs. We have to quit planning, and steering, and sitting in on committees, and emailing spreadsheets all day, and StART Producing.

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ONLY if every tax payer gets percentage of ownership and stock options or stocks.


No thanks, my 457 is taking a beating and I don't want my income tax check to also, backing a bad product........ (Actually I traded in my Pathfinder for an Expedition). Truthfully, cars I would say the Japanese do make better. SUVs though, get American. They are wider when comparing those in the same class, and Ford got it right with their suspension. Pathfinder was a truck, and hit pothole like one. Expedition (King Ranch Model, for me king Sh!t), rides like riding on air (. Actually alot of Ford Expedition and Explorer owners, ask about the rare model, since it is hard to find. Leather climate controlled seats (heat and A/C), is a great selling point, also with tens of thousands off in trade value, and incentives)..........

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Yes. It is crucial to saving the economy. However make it a strict contract.

You want the money? Sure. Promise this first:

-Sell the 2008 cars at 50% off of the original price. (This will actually help; first the petrol price is lower so you could attract more customers. It is the end of the year. The value of the car will depreciate as time goes by. Since it is still newer than then, it is better to get rid of them now, than to lose money later; you need the inventory space to store the 2009 models, you need the space for it, or it will hinder the company. SELL THE FREAKING CARS)

-All cars must exceed 35 miles per gallon by 2010 (Develop the technology, damnit. Don't you want to compete with Toyota? And environment)

-Don't fire ANYONE, just lower their salaries to an adjustable amount. (Yes, it is rough, but understand... if the economy is going to revive itself, you need the workers. Cutting jobs now and then taking time and money to hire new ones in the future will only hinder your own progress.)

-Government supervision till companies revive (since this is a bailout, the money comes from the people. We do not want to see it WASTED on the chairmen. We want to see it used to build new cars, to pay the people fairly that build them and to use it for research to develop better cars. The government should relinquish its supervision when the companies perform better) It does sound like the companies are losing laisez-faire status. But if they ask for the money from the government, the government has to intervene and make sure the money is not abused.

-Research and development

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