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Busy week and changes coming to NBC-TV Jay Leno stays.

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(4) Busy few days at the current station that is 4th place (almost last place in the US television ratings)called NBC.


Last Night on his Tonight Show program outgoing host Jay Leno in a surprise annoucement said he was staying at NBC for a multi year multi miion dollar deal. The new Leno deal is highlighted with the Tonight show being expanded to 2 hours every weeknight starting at 10pm in Sept.2009.


The 10pm Tonight show will also try to change slightly to include a segment more of a variety show too (ie up & coming singers & new comic doing standups)ie think Ed Sullivan and American Idol in small bits too.



Leno will host a new 1st half of the "Tonight Show: Prime Time" Monday-Fridays at 10pm. Then after a 30-minute break for the 11pm local NBC news, Jay's replacement at 1130pm Conan O' Brien will host the traditional "Tonight" show "2' for the last hour.


NBC which only 3 years ago became the first of the oringal 'big 3' networks (Just ahead of the newst network the "CW")to drop below 3rd place to last place after Fox, is changing their format probably for this reason. Most ppl in the TV Field feel NBC is making this change as way to compete with the high succesful Comedy Central prime time lineup of their prime time/late evening talk shows starring Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert.

"The Daily Show" and the "Colbert Report" created record high ratings for the Comedy Central Channel in last year during the recent 2008 Presdential campaign. In addition NBC has not had a succesful 10pm 'scrpited' show (ie ER)since the reality show starring Donald Trump called the "apprincate" 5 years ago.


This is the first time in US television history a major national station such as NBC is scheduling the late evening talk shows in prime time on a regular basis.


Also the other big on air change at NBC is that David Geogery the White House Reporter during most of GW Bush time at the oval office is the new host of "Meet The Press" replacing the late pioneering host Tim Russert.


Geogery at age 38 become the show's youngest ever Moderator.


Any reactions to the Leno or the Meet The Press changes at NBC?

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