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Due to FDNY X-Mas Party Event, I'll be away from forum for this weekend only.


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Tomorrow I'll be at 85th St Firehouse X-Mas Family Party, and this Sunday, I'll be at Double Tree Hotel for 51st St Firehouse X-Mas Party.


So, I not sure if I'll be coming back after party is finish or not. If not, I would come back here on Monday or Tuesday.


I'll have pictures of event.

So see you guys/girls. Have good weekend.


Pictures Coming Soon or Tues- My X-Mas Party with FDNY

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Saturday, Dec 13th.

El Barrio Bravest's Kids Party: EO53/LO43

13:06, I enjoyed the food at party.

Around 1600s, children stamping their feets for Santa Claus, but pretend crown-like came down, follow by elf. Then fake snow made pretend Santa Claus come.

I took good picture from top of Ladder 43. Spare Engine 507 was sitting outside the firehouse while EO53 was using Engine 507 lane.

They gave me baseball cat.

Then I perform "12 Days of X-mas."

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Sunday, December 14th.

Engine 39/Ladder 16

I had lots of food and dessert.

During the party, when fire trucks responded, I kept eye on sidewalk space that fire trucks are parking on street due to party inside.

Pretend Dalmanation came.

Then Pinata action with Snowman and Stockings.

Around 1600s when LO16 came back, FDNY closed 67th St and I hold my sign to traffic on Parking Garage on 67th St/3rd Av.

I got good picture of pretend Santa Claus coming down the ladder from outside third-story firehouse.


I think motorists and M66 driver were wondering why street is closed. Only one M66 WB made detour during that closing period and help my friend and remove police blockade thing. (One that NYPD used for parade, or street closure.

Children got the gift.

I perform "12 Days of X-mas" and I nailed them. Even there happened to be one Japanese lady in firefirehouse group and she like it also!


After my friend give me $20, I went to 1st Av/82nd St CVS (I don't trust 72nd St because what happened to picture long time ago.)

Then after M86 ride to CPW, I caught C #4581 I think. Not sure if R40 or R42.

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Saturday, December 20th. Major Event (Yorkville Firehouse Battalion 10, Engine 22 and Ladder 13.

When I enter Junction Blvd Station with one of our guest named Endo who was going little same way, I forgot my bag and camera. So, I went back to house to find out lock was FROZEN, so I had to ring.

After that, I want to enter station, but I was 18-min lockout.

I was already late to firehouse X-mas party, but station agent told me I had to wait 18-min.

I was so upset and I don't want to be late.

Nice MTA Machine guy told me to use service gate, but I told him "Agent wouldn't let me." Machine guy told me use gate, so I used them.

Around 9am.

At Yorkville Firehouse, I learned how to snow shovel for first time.

Yorkville Firehouse party is held in St. Igninatus School on 84th St.


Since I had time, I guided three Japanese in MET Museum.


After about 11am, I exit museum and walk along 84th St and firefighters are there already.

I think Fr. Zacazierro (who is in charge), I told him I could help with tables.

I practice 12 Days of X-mas one by one until tablecloth arrived.

I hold the tablecloth while other firefighter/off-duty cuts straight. We used red and green. Firefighter Ruiz said, "I should take him to Bowling." because I rolled the tablecloth straight.

Next, I set three plates on all covered tables, then hold the plates while firefighter put in Chipz, Cheese Curls, Popcorns.

Around 1pm, party spotted. Even the promoted Lt. Douglass Mitchell, retired Rescue 4 Ronnie Dally (originally Yorkville Firehouse), Jimmy Finny was here.

Next, Engine 39 folk came to see us and left few minutes later back to their firehouse.


After that, I help hold the door and stroller because of little step.

Next, when Engine 22 parked on 84th St responded to fire call, I put fire cone far apart from fire hydrant, so cars wouldn't steal the parking space.

I had Eggplant Rattaniti, Stuffed Shells, Seafood something, Chicken Fingers, Swedish Meatballs, Safron Rice, etc (twice) and salad once.


Around 2pm

Most funniest magic show called "Sammy and Tudie" show began.

Tudie: My name is Tudie and this is my amazing partner, Sammy. Where is he?

After she went behind curtain, Sammy came out.

Sammy: My name is Sammy and this is my amazing partner, Tudie.

After he went behind curtain, Tudie came out.

It repeated few times with audience screaming, she/he went behind the curtain.

Even in the outside, they pretend to look for each other and found it.

And magic show began.

First, Sammy show tissue trick, but he hid tissue in his right hand, then second time he hid in his left hand which Tudie didn't like joking.

On last one, when Sammy told us to turn, we turn and he put into in his mouth.

Tudie: Give tissue out.

She pull the tissue and colorful stuff came out from Sammy's mouth.

Next trick was "hammer."

Sammy: Tudie, don't heat me in tipsy-whatzy (butt)

Tudie and volunteer did.

Next trick was "Telephone Pole Invetion."

Sammy: I said "ring, ring" and you said, "hello." I said "Tudie." and you said, "Let Me Have It."

For three times Tudie follow him when he told her not to. Then she behavior for kids.

But instead, she said, "Hello. This is Pawnshop. May I help you?"

Sammy was upset, but Tudie want to make fun.

Next she said, "Hello. This is Pizzaeria and what kind is pizza you like to order."

Sammy was upset again, but Tudie told him want to make fun and Sammy told her it is already fun.

She did serious on last part, "Let me have." and "telephone pole" hit Sammy.

Next, Sammy got the fake Jellybean with fake snakes inside) and gave to Tudie, but I cannot eat sweet until after meal.

So, Sammy brought out lunch bag and he volunteer one of girl.

Sammy was going to mind read her mind and going to make her animal appear.

When Sammy blow, it only came out inch, so he strecht and pretend to hurt him, then blow. One ballon flew to left table.

After she said, "Dog.", Sammy made Balloon Dog.

After few minutes, Balloon Dog got broke, but he fix Balloon Dog inside the Paper Brown Bag by blowing inside it!


Next, he perfomed circuis trick with four kids volunteer.

Sammy started the circling the plate on pole, passing to assistant to assistant, etc, then last assistant pass to Tudie and it was done.

After that Sammy did with Dissapear Act with Water, but while he was introduction of Magic, Tudie told us to keep secret as she drank the water. On last attempt, Sammy saw Tudie drinking water.

It was empty.

For his great magic trick, Tudie gave him same Jellybean can that Sammy brought out.

When Sammy opened it, three colorful snakes came out!

Tudie: How did the snake came in there?

After that show ended.


Around 3pm, it was first X-mas Carol at party.

They song Jingle Bells, 12-Days-of-X-mas, We-Wish-A-Merry-X-mas.

For special one, they song "Here Comes Santa Claus." and pretend Santa Cluas came in around 3:30pm.

Firefighter Thomas Gutzler gave me Game Boy Advance.

He gave X-mas present.

After that gift is over, Alex introduce with:

Alex: Ladies & Gentlemen! Here is our 85th St Yuki Endo, singing

12-Days of X-mas) and I enter stage. And Santa told me to hit it.

On first day of X-mas, my true love gave to me. A partridge in a pear tree.

I pretend to fly and sit down on tree (stage floor)

On the 2 turtle doves, I pretend to be pigeon by bowing my head like bird.

On the 3 French hens, I pretend to act like Chicken.

On the 4 Calling birds, I pretend to move my arm like flying bird while calling.

On the 5 golden riings, I pointed to my right hand holding five.

On the 6 geeses a laying, I put microphone under it.

On the 7 swams, I sawm.

On the 8 maid milkings, I pretend to milk cow with microphone.

On the 9 ladies dancing, I dance.

On the 10 Landlords leaping, I did Jumping Jack.

On the 11, I used same method that I used in "Summer Wind"

On the 12, I hit my legs like drum.

Then I counted down and made big finnaly at "And a Partridge in a pear tree."

Everyone applaud.


After St. Ignitus School, we went back to "Yorkville Firehouse" where we had dessert.

Firefighter Ronnie Daly gave me $20 for GB C.

My museum friend gave me $1.

Game Stop at 86th St didn't have it, or neither Best Buy, Nintendo World.

Game Stop in under Rocfeller Plaza was closed, so I went to Bdwy/33rd St one, but to find out price was different.

So, nice employee there gave me Pokemon Rescue Mystery Dungeon which was $21.66. and gave me for $21 because I did not know price was different at all Game Stops. But to findout at home, it wasn't working.

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Sunday, December 21st.

Since it wasn't working, I took one of guest visiting again b/c Endo had to go to Newark Airport, so I took him to PATH train at WTC by switching to (E) at 74th St-Roosevelt Av.

Then, escorted and using my PATH Smartlink, he put his $1.75 in my card and I swipe him in. (I was planning to catch Vintage at West 4th St for about 20 min, but I gave up and take same (F) to same game stop and he exchange the broken game with new used game that wasn't broken.


Today was 51st St Firehouse X-mas party (BC10, EO22, LO13) at DoubleTree Hotel.

At 12:58, I enter the hotel and 2nd floor of hotel where X-mas party was held.


Around 13:00, I had lots of food. Much organize than 67th St firehouse.

After I went back to table, my friends said, "Are you going to eat all that?" They thought it was impossible, but I told them, "One time I ate 6 slices of pizza at 67th St Firehouse."

Around 14:00, their Magic Show started.

Sponge Pop showed up. Magician here used "Merry Christmas" for magic words. Another funny Magic Show.


During the Christmas Carol, Spiderman and Dora the Explorer arrived at party.

They song same song.

51st St FDNY Family got X-mas gift from pretend Santa Claus.

After that, my friend announced:

Ladies & Gentlemen! For first time, perfoming at 51st St Firehouse, YUKI ENDO singing 12-days of X-mas!

I did same method again and they loved it.

Last special guest, ELMO arrived from SESAME STREET for break-dance.



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