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Is the Z still in service?

UlmerPark B6

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Based on what I see, it seems like the (Z) has been killed. Is this true?


Nope the (Z)is still running. Reason many people never see it is that it only runs about 3 hours a day during the rush weekdays appx.Broad St bound 7-83oam and Jamaica bound appx. 5:15pm-630pm. The earliest the (Z)

& (W)can be gone is around next May-June 2009.

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The (Z) is still here as people above said, so is the lovely (W) that I am going to miss.

(Z) only runs during rush hours, so :rolleyes:, it will be eliminated. The (W) may have a great chance of being saved...

Yeah, the skip stop service really causes problems in terms of scheduling trains. The (Z) would really work well if there was an express track from say Eastern Parkway to just past 121th Street. However, there is again, the issue of feasibility and money resources.

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Yeah, I agree. The (Z) also would cause delays since it sometimes uses the Bi-Directional Center Tracks and sometimes local. A heck of a lot of delays will happen.


Skip stop service affects the service much more now:

Here is the current scenario.

Train A and B stop at Station 0, say.

Train A is ahead of B.

Train A pulls out of Station 0, heading towards Station A. It stops at Station A. Meanwhile Train B is at Station 0, and has to wait for the signal to clear before proceeding.

Train A skips Station B and stops at Station C.

The signal clears for Train B, Train B skips Station A and stops at Station B. However it has to wait for the signal to clear.

Train A pulls out of Station C, before Train B could pull out of Station B and skip C.

That is the set up for the skip stop service.


A unidirectional express track (like the set up with the (7)<7>) would really help people along the Jamaica Line.

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The (Z) is in service. From my observations, (Z) trains begin at Jamaica Center in Queens to Broad Street in Manhattan in the Morning rush. After the (Z) goes to Broad Street, it goes back only to Broadway Junction in Brooklyn, where the (Z) gets taken out of service. (7-8:30AM)


In the Afternoon/Evening Rush hours the (Z) begins service at Broadway Junction in Brooklyn, making local stops to Broad Street. It then turns around and heads to Jamaica Center, Queens via skip-stop service. (4:30-6:10-PM)


The times are based on the (J)/(Z) timetable:


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