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R-160A-2 E train pics and vids....taken yesterday (12/22/08)!

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Well yesterday Shane (Majinvegeta) and I went hunting for the R-160A-2 #9233-9242 (E) and behold it arrived @ 7th Avenue-53rd Street. We rode it back to/from Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer and man rush hour was a hot mess both ways. The C/R surely needed more training on programing the announcements. Overall ride and service=B-, but still need more training. We also raifanned along the Broadway Line.....caught two R-32 (R) trains and saw R-42 (R) train @ Forest Hills 71st-Continental Avenue. Exterior signs read:

(E) Jamaica Center

(E) 8 Av Local

(E) Queens Bl Exp


(E) World Trade Ctr

(E) via 53 St

(E) 8 Av Local













7th Avenue-53rd Street!



Inside of R-160A-2 (E) train!



Times Square-42nd Street and 23rd Street (Broadway Line)!


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There's a R160 car numbered 9025, but that's not on the (E), unless I misread it. There's only one R160A set on (E). Great photos... going to wait until the (F) gets the R160A/B, or the (E) gets more than two sets at least.


Thanks....I can't wait to see thme on the (F)






You were really lucky @ 23rd Street, especially with the R32s and 9098-9102! Now you know why I like that station so much :P:D


Also, im just happy we got out @ 42nd Street - PABT alive!!


Awesome stuff Curtis B)


Oh yes rush hours on the (E) was a real hot mess. I love 23rd Street and Broadway:D. Thanks


Nice pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Nice pics!!


That 9025 was a Siemens car on the (W)


I still lke it :)


Finally. The (E) gets new cars after years of old rattling R32 subway cars. Nice pics


Thanks....I still love my R-32's


Beautiful Pics & Vids!! :) The R160 goes good with the (E)


Thanks....the R-160A-2 looks lovely on the (E):PB)


nice shots!




I heard someone say in one of your videos "What are they looking at?" when you were boarding that (E) train. Don't pay any mind if that was directed that to you.


Actually I was the one that said" What are they looking at" lol

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