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My Railfan Trip today.. (R62 4 train!!!)

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Today was an interesting route i took. I boarded the (Q) train at avenue H and took it to atlantic ave. Then I tried to transfer to the (4) to ride into the Bronx but it was stalled (r142a). So instead I took the (2) until 14th street/7th avenue and transfered to the (L) train. Today was my first time on the (L) train as well as an R143. I from 6th Avenue to Rockaway parkway then back to 8th avenue, then to 14th Street Union Square. Then I took the (4) to Crown heights. I wanted to transfer the the (3) to go to New Lots, and I was waiting for 20 mins! But, while I was waiting I caught an R62 (4) but I couldn't get a clear shot because some people were blocking! When the (3) arrived I took it from Crown Heights to new lots, then back to Franklin Avenue. There i transferred to the (S) and took it to prospect park. and when I arrived at prospect a CI-bound (Q) was waiting there and i ran as fast as possible and i made in just in time and got off at Avenue J! Thats my story! lol! I wouldve taken more pics but my memory card is screwed up! :eek:







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nice, and the (4) is always with the 62s nothing new, ive seen it a lot.. Now if its a 62A then ill flip! :)

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