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Amtrak chief issues letter to delayed passengers.


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I dunno.... The stuff i was hearing folks talk about out west was not fluffy easily cleared snow, and it didnt melt. Even the other day just in NJ there was snow along the entire ROW from around princeton all the way to newark and even along the PATH's ROW. I can't imagine what it was like farther west where they had real actual well below freezing snow storms.


Chicago division is nothing like new york division. They are all diesel and depend heavily (80%+) on freight lines clearing the tracks. Many of the siding switches that allow amtrak to use the lines while freight is being moved were frozen in position by solid ice. Gotta remember that 90% of the country has single track, while we in the east are spoiled by 2, 3, and 4 track for very long distances.


They knew what they were doing and were prepared as best as they could have been. A point made in a review by another member is that while automobiles, busses, and planes are parked & grounded, the railroads will try everything they can to keep things moving and only stop when it becomes unsafe/impractical.


- A

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