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Cait Sith

12/28-29/08 Pics & Vids - R160A-2 E Trains + A Huge Surprise!

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I would have to say, getting R160s on uncommon lines have been very good to me these days B)


Here are some stuff from the past few days!









Take a guess on which route this was on, its a damn shame.....


















And the huge bonus surprise ! This was caught along with CurAke79 & Orion on our trip today !



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I see R160A trains testing on the (F) almost every time I ride the (F), now the question is, when will the (F) have R160A's running on that line? We'll have to wait a while.

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Nice pics... I thought that messed up LED was a picture of the Hong Kong skyline during nighttime. LOL

Great to see the F testing. I hope it enters service soon on the F.

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I'm guessing that's on the (E), since you said it's "a damn shame."


It could've been on any other route, but your correct! It was inside either cars 9234-9236, the display has been like that for a long time now, and the brakes are becoming LOUD!!


Thanks everyone !!

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