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New People Mover in Venice, Italy

Forest Glen

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Based on my crappy Italian skills... as of November 2008, construction will last up to 13 months before the system is in operation in December 2009. It will link Tronchetto, Maritime Station and Piazzale Roma.

Those trains are very modern looking by the way!

Is this a monorail system?

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Great stuff, cannot believe train arrived before railway is done, :P!


Not new.. this has been practised all along with many transport systems. For example this was practised with the Link Light Rail in Seattle, the trains arrived way before construction was well over. It was practised by the Canada Line in Vancouver and the Tram di Mestre in Mestre, Italy (opposite Venice). All of these systems are still currently under construction, although the Canada Line is wrapping up.

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Yes, to let the Public know what it looks like and how they feel about it, like the MNR M-8 mock-up...


Usually the Maintenance Centre is completed first to store the trains, then once the viaduct or the corridor is near completion and when it is ready, they do test runs. This is the same for the Seattle Link Light Rail and the Canada Line in Vancouver. These runs are important, to see if the signals are operating correctly and to see if the central control facilities are monitoring the new system properly.


Just to give you guys a taste of Venice:

The only part of Central Venice where driving is legal is Piazzale Roma, that is where they have the only carpark in the area. It connects directly to the Liberty Bridge. The Lido also allows driving in its jurisdictions, but it is not part of Central Venice. Venice has been called Europe's most pedestrian friendly city. Biking is not permitted except on the Lido. The new people mover will connect people from the carpark at Piazzale Roma with Tronchetto.

The only 'vehicles' that you see in Venice are on water. That is, the police use boats, the buses (vaporetti) and taxis are boats, and the gondolas which are boats are analogous to the typical car or limo.

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