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I was on the B31 at 8:45PM, and I saw the first Flatbush Depot NG-07 that was in service on the B2!! He was at the intersection of Ocean and Avenue R, right before my B31 turned onto Ocean Ave to go to Kings Highway. The driver of my B31 told me that bus driver was the first to be given the opportunity to take one of the buses (which he now says there are 6 of in the depot) out in service. After January 1, he said, like all the other drivers I've talked to on the B41, they will be rolled out (on the B31 and B2 for starters).


I apologize that I do not have a picture of a bus number. My cell phone camera is awful and it came out as just a blur. If anybody else saw it on the B2, they hopefully will be able to give you the bus number. But, the point is, they're in service out of Flatbush, and it looked very nice on the B2!

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