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12/30 My Trip Report w/ TTMG (Not 7, E, Q32, Q33)


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I have to meet TTMG at PABT at 9:45am, so our guest at our house, Naoko and Osamu who was going different destinations, so we board front car of R62A Bombadier #1651 <7> express departed Junction Blvd @ 9:09. They plan to go to PABT for Woodbury Common, but they decided to go to Seaport TKTS, so I pointed to downtown 4/5 express only goes there. At Grand Central, I pointed them to go toward middle.

Arriving Times Sq-Port Authority Bus Terminal at 9:35, so I ran across longest passegeway and made it.


After we met with TTMG meeting, we bought 5-zone ticket for #107 and #111.


We hop aboard on Fible Metro D 40102-6C8 suburn with single door as (NJT) #107X #3773 departed 10:19.

It was excellent ride I had with smooth ride, even with little traffic on Lincoln.

Arriving Irvington Terminal @ 10:48.


Next we got on Neoplan AN-459 on (NJT) #13N #9532 departed 10:52, arriving Broad & Market Sts @ 11:19.


We transfer to Fible Metro D 40102-6C8 suburn with single door on (NJT) #40 departed 11:39. Funny experience was in Newark's North Area, where bus had to due little bit back up due to freight on road and arriving Jersey Garden Mall at 12:19.

It was long walk to mall, all the way to FOOD COURT.

I bought Chicken Sandwitch from Great Steak and Potato Company because that was only less crowded than other and got $1 Sunskirt from deli.

I quickly ate because I lost track of 40 minutes and use you-know-what and return to TTMG group.


We got on MCI D4500 #7504 which was training bus that never used in rush hour before, it show up as (NJT) #111 and departed 13:19. (Trevor handed me extra pen and I said Thank you.)

Arriving PABT #14:09.


Then I felt like I was in Amazing Race because we ran to Times Sq Platform.

We got on rear car of R160B Kawasaki #9053 (N) departed 14:26, arrive 59th St-4th Av @ 14:52.

As we were waiting for (R) train, Track Geometry #002 came passing on northbound track.


We got on rear car of R46 Pullman #5510 departed 15:00, arriving 86th St-4th Av @ 15:05.


We got on Castleton Orion 05.501 as S53 #6136 departed 4th Av/86-85th Sts @ 15:16, arriving Clove Rd/Grasmere SIR Station @ 15:41.


Next few of us got in from rear car of SIR R44 St. Louis #420 departed 15:49, then across the car to #460, then siwtch to #440, then cut across the car to #448 and arrive Eltnginville @ 16:02.

We were waiting miserable for S89 bus. 1630 was next one and we got on Yukon Orion 07.501 Next Generation as S89 Limited #3855. It was my first ride on (NYCT) one (I only rode (MTA) Bus one) which departed Richmond Av/Eltingville Blvd @ 16:39 and specular view of sunset, with across Bayoone Bridge, Rte. 440, arriving Bayoone's 34th St Hudson-Bergen Lightrail Park & Ride at 17:27.


Two of us had trouble with two of TVM (left and middle one couldn't take coin, so we have to use right one and use dollar bill. After I got ticket and recepit, one of TTMG journey folk forgot his ten cent change.

We rush across the overpass.

We had group pictures.

We got on front car of Hudson-Bergen Lightrail #2015A departed 17:32.

Arrive Exchange Place @ 17:48.


I used my Smartlink Card and we got on rear car of Hoboken PATH PA1 St. Louis #697 departed 18:02, arrive Pavonia-Newport 18:04.

We got on rear car of 33rd St PATH PA4 Kawasaki #884 departed 18:07, arrive 33rd St @ 18:21.


Next I made to MJQ TMC RTS-06 #8874 M34 departed 34th St/Broadway @ 18:26, arrive 8th Av @ 18:29.


Next, I got front car of R42 St. Louis #4684 (E) departed 34th St-Penn Station @ 18:35, arrive Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av @ 18:57.


Next, I caught Flatbush Nova RTS-06 #5222 on Q32 departed Roosevelt Av/74th St @ 18:59, arrive 81st St/37th Av @ 19:06.


After Jackson Heights Library, I call home at 82nd St-37th Av, got on LaGuardia Orion 07.501 Hybrid #3719 departed 19:56, arrive Roosevelt Av/82nd St @ 20:01.


Next, I got on front car of R62A Bombadier #2101 <7> EXP with LCL LCD departed 82nd St-Jackson Heights at 20:06, arriving Junction Blvd @ 20:09.


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