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Memory of 2008

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I not sure if other member made this thread.

If this thread is made, I'm sorry for double post.

I like to share my memory.

January 1st, 2008.

March 17, 2008. St. Patrick's Day, I return to New York City (I was sent temporality to Akron, Ohio with sort of relatives since December 18th, 2007 because of our new apartment renovation.

However, on my Continental Flight it was so small, and I couldn't see the view too well from Cleveland-Hopkins Airport to LaGuardia because of sun. I couldn't relax with restroom.


March 30th, 2008.

I forgot what I did.


Summer 2008

I spend helping Japanese tourist, helping my mom, well as spending lot in research library at Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Sunday, June 29, 2008.

I took first Bx12 Select Bus Service 6:04 departure at Edison/Bartow Av departed 6:10. I remember one of car service made dangerous illegal U-turn on Orchard Beach trip, however SBS machine there wasn't on. I remember lots of folk had difficult time understanding to buy ticket before boarding SBS.

Monday, June 30th. I took the ride again with bus lane.

Saturday, December 6th: I had great time at Upper East Side Kido (Engine 44)'s X-mas party.

Saturday, December 13th. Another excellent party with El Barrio Bravest's Kids Party. They give me hat for gift.

Sunday, December 14th. At 67th St Firehouse X-mas party, I enjoyed Santa Claus coming down the Ladder 16 while I hold the sign toward M66 bus and I believe only one M66 made detour.

Saturday, December 20th was one of best moment. Firefighter Thomas Gutzler got me Game Boy Advance while Michael Donohue gave me money for Pokemon-Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team which nice 33rd St Game Stop gave me for $20.60 because actually price was $21.60 because of $19.99 plus tax.


I also enjoy the (V)intage Train and R40/42 (C), R40/R42 (E) moments, R160 (E) moments during the December Month, well as Vintage Bus ride with Gregory last Thursday and Vinny Mashbourne both know me from 92nd St MTA Office.

Sunday, December 20th was my first time at 51st St Firehouse's X-Mas Party which was held in beautiful DoubleTree Hotel across from firehouse and nice doorman directed me to party. It was my first time to perform there.

I enjoy the moment.

Thursday, December 25th: Osamu arrived at our guesthouse.

Saturday, December 27th. While I was asking how much is this "SpyKids3D", one of man heard and since I don't want to miss M60 bus, I had money, but instead man came out to M60/M104 bus stop and give me that even thought I refuse, and as X-mas gift.

Sunday, December 28th. Osamu and I took ride on (V)intage (V) ride and went back to 47th-50th Sts and had lunch at Rockfeller Center's Sbarro and he bought me Herbie-Fully Loaded from Game Stop as gift, then stop by at Central Library to double-check his friend, Naoko's Flight and took Q3 ride to Terminal 4 to catch Airtrain to Terminal 8 to meet (because it was her first time and she was afraid to come to our guesthouse alone.) and I guessed Naoko's flight # was American Airline #168 on Friday.

I hold onto Naoko's Suitcase while we took Airtrain JFK from Terminal 8 to 4, Q10 local bus to Kew Garden while Osamu carries across subway stair.

Monday, December 29th.

As for guiding Osamu and Naoko through New York City Subway system, enroute to Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Times Square Ticket, as for Christmas Gift, he offered my to take me to Broadway Musical and we went to The Fantastiks 20:00 show with best 3 seats (because Little Mermaid was separate seat).

So, we had few hours to eat, so we ate at Applebee's across from theater.

It took while but we had good food.

It was my first experience at that restaurant and IT WAS EXCELLENT AND DELICIOUS.

Even the Fantastiks was excellent musical play for my first time in Broadway Musical. It was best MUSICAL EVER for MY FIRST BROADWAY MUSICAL EXPERIENCE.

December 30th, 2008.

I enjoyed the trip with TTMG journey.

December 31st, 2008.

I guided another Japanese guest at our Japanese only guesthouse, named Takashi who is mostly called, "Holly" and guided him across Metropolitan Museum of Art had lunch at 11:30s, then around 16:00, we took long cut via M86, (4), Bx12SBS, QBx1, (7) local back to Junction Blvd and perfect timing for New Years Eve party. (We do Japanese style, used small table stove from Japan).

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I forgot to add I enjoy the Vanhool Test on X17J from 57h St/Lex Av to 57th St/8th Av (nice B/O and dispatcher) and I enjoy the last Vanhool 0053 test on X30 ride from it's first time in Staten Island to Mad Av/49th-50th St area.)

I also enjoyed the Medieval Festival and Bus Festival at Atlantic Avenue Fair.

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I found here in May

I did well passing my last grade in June.

Got yelled by that guy at Flsuhing, then cops, u know the story

I met Alexandra in September

Got banned from my school bus for cursing at my driver

Still does well in school, lol 95.48 average


Pretty great year. Next year, hoping it's better and I believe, I believe I can fullfill my resolutions for 2009.


Good night folks! Going to watch TV!

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1. Attending both of Cole Hamels complete game shutouts against the Braves and Reds on 5/15 and 6/5. Ken Griffey almost hit one out (which would have been 600) but Shane Victorino made an excellent catch.


2. the Phillies winning the WS.


3. Visiting PNC Park in Pittsburgh on April 27. Its an excellent stadium except for the game I went to, the bad Brett Myers showed up who gave up 2 HRs to Nate McLouth, and Paul "ace" Maholm 2-hit the Phillies who did not do anything offensively.


4. Going to Yankee Stadium one last time on July 30. The Giants beat up the Ravens 13-3.


5. Taking the c/r test

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here are some things I did for 2008:

January 6: caught my first and only video of an R40 D train

January 17: got a tooth removed and was ready for braces.

January 22: saw Cloverfield, the biggest failure of the 21st century, in theaters. As of today, that was the last time I have been in a movie theater.

January 26: started the Spring 2008 semester, first time I took weekend classes.

January 27: rode on the Long Island Rail Road for the first time. It was free due to the suspension of 7 train service (remember that big switch realignment project last year?)

Febuary 7: celebrated Chinese New Year

March 1: rode on the F/G line during the Bergen Street station construction

March 22: got my first videos of the R160A M shuttle

April 3: rode on the Staten Island Ferry and got my first and only video of the Staten Island Railway

April 5: began uploading videos to my DailyMotion account (imthenumber1)

April 9: recorded my first video of an R160A M train and R42 A train

April 17: got braces

May 22: recorded my first video of an R160B W train

June 7: went to the Yankee game where Johnny Damon went 6 for 6 to beat the Royals 12-11

June 27: went to the Subway Series Doubleheader. the Mets won the first game in the Bronx 15-6, but the Yankees retaliated with a 9-0 shutout at Shea in Game Two.

July 12: recorded my first and only video of an eight-car Rockaway Park Shuttle train.

July 29: saw an R160B Q train for the first time

August 3: went to the Yankee game where the Bronx Bombers defeated the Angels 14-9 in a roller coaster game thanks to Xavier Nady's 6 RBIs and an unusually sloppy defensive performance by the Angels.

August 8: went out for my final batch of videos on YouTube. I now have 600 and that count will never increase even though I am going back to Transit Filmography effective tomorrow.

August 13: saw an R42 E train for the first time, but since I hate those cars, i did not bother recording them.

August 21: recorded my first video of an R160A J train

August 23: on my 19th birthday, I saw the U.S.A. softball team shockingly fall to Japan 3-1 in the Gold Medal round of the Olympics. I am quite disappointed to see that baseball and softball is not coming back in 2012.

August 27: first day of classes, including evening ones.

September 21: went to the final game at Yankee Stadium, so sad :P. two days later, the Bronx Bombers were eliminated from the playoffs for the first time since 1993. Goodbye Yankee Stadium, you will always be in the hearts of all us Bronx Bombers fans.

September 28: went to the final game at crappy Shea, where the Mets fell 4-2 to the Florida Marlins to be eliminated from the playoffs on the final game of the season for the second straight year, and to the same team who knocked them out in 2007, after another late season meltdown.

October 23: something stupid happened that I do not want to talk about.

October 31: Halloween, went to a friend's party dressed like a woman (but not in drag lol)

November 16: went to the Open House at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

December 4: got my braces removed, hooray!

December 7: visited Baruch College and rode on the holiday train.

December 12: got my first photos and videos of an R40/40M/42 C trains. I also got scolded by an A train operator for having my camera. Kick his ass!

December 23: last day of classes. i am so happy!

December 26: got new glasses and recorded my first and so far only video of an R160A E train

December 31: recorded some new videos for DailyMotion.

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heres a few more:

6. The Eagles beating up the Rams 38-3 in week 1. The Rams were so awful, they only moved the ball to the Eagles territory only once and only got a FG out of it! They also punted 11 straight times.


7. Witnessing a tie in football in week 11, when the Eagles tied the Bengals 13-13. McNabb was awful throwing 3 INTs, and losing a fumble. The Bengals did not do anything offensively too. After that cheap penalty in OT on the Eagles, Shayne Graham on the Bengals was about to kick a game winning FG, but he missed!

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