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Hello DVARP members and friends in the SEPTA counties,


We are pleased to inform you that SEPTA is about to start a trial run of “QuietRide”: a quiet car program for commuter rail passengers. SEPTA customer service staff consulted with DVARP as the program was developed, and we thank them for seeking our input. We think this will be a popular option for rail commuters, and are pleased to support it.


SEPTA has asked for our help in evaluating how this program is working. If you ride express trains on the R5 Lansdale/Doylestown line, please give us a call or an e-mail. Your reports on how your fellow passengers are reacting to the program will help SEPTA decide if it should be continued and expanded to the other lines.


Even you ride the R5 express only once a week or so, you can still help, and we’d like to get reports from both people in the quiet car and people who are riding elsewhere on the train. So reply to this e-mail if you’re an R5 Lansdale rider and can share your observations with us.



For those of you who ride the R5 Paoli and other SEPTA lines, there’s a different service monitoring project you can help with. SEPTA is trying to find the bugs in their TrainView system and in the next train indicators at the Center City station platforms. These are the kind of errors that cause a train to jump from being shown as on time to being shown four minutes late, or that cause the train to come off the display even while it is still in the station receiving passengers. The problems have been elusive, and the more information SEPTA has about where the systems are in error, the easier it will be for them to pin down the causes and fix them. They've asked for your help in this effort.


So if you’re one of those people who regularly checks TrainView on a cell phone or iPod while you’re waiting at the station, or you can make some observations downtown on your way to and from the train, please reply to this e-mail, and we’ll tell you what to report and how to report it.


Thanks for your support of DVARP, and thanks for riding the train.


WOW! This will be very interesting!


- A

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