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Few Shots from today

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Today I got to test out my relative's Nikon D60 :cool: They came out ok considering it was my first time using it and that the lighting conditions weren't the greatest (I used manual settings)























Something else I tested





That's all, they'll be better next time :D



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Great pics! :tup:


Nice pics!


Nice pics!!




Just a bit more light for the camera and would be perfect! :)


Thanks, I had to sacrifice shutter speed for light, and I was too excited about being able to change everything to worry about ISO, lol. I could retouch all of those like the last one, but it has some noise as you can see. The snow didn't help, and I did kind of go out pretty late, but next time they'll be better :cool:

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Guest Charles

Nice; where was that rear-facing shot of 8181 on the Q23 taken? Looks a bit familiar...

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nice pictures.


Good bus photos, the angles are really good here. Buses are running fast.


Nice pics but is mad dark. I remember be around there. Is mad quiet. So much for the subberbs.


You should go out to eastern queens, it's a billion times less city-like

Oh great, you invaded my neighborhood! JK, nice pix... And yup FH Coliseum is the Corona Park of the old days, :P!

Lol, I used to live in an apartment on Selfridge Street a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away

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