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I will be on the NY1 Channel!

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Next week Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 My class and I have visitors coming to our class room. People from New York 1 news will be coming to watch our class watch Obama's speech. I will post up what I will be wearing on January 19th so you can look out for me. My class and I will also be getting interviewed.

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Congrats......too bad I have DirecTV and we don't get NY1....but I'll find someone to record it for me!

I don't have cable either.

Slightly off-topic, do we have to buy the thing like commerical says. If my mom didn\t buy thing, local stations I will not be able to watch?

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oh guys not be advertising but.. CABLE SUCKS!!!! From 1997-2004 i had DirectTv (satalite) in my house. Good service except during storms. One con is that you cannot get ON Demand pay per view and have to wait for specific timed for ppv. 2004 comes and my dad decided he wanted to get iO digital cable along with Optimum Online. OMG worst decision ever. My cable is always pixelated, the service men never come and when they do, they don't fix the problem. Optimum online is fast most of the time but when it has problems, Optimum COMES 3 WEEKS AFTER WE CALLED. During those 3 weeks of waiting the internet is painfully slow (youtube's homepage would take ~10 minutes to load) or not work at all. I do not recommend it. And in a few years when FiOS comes to my block, my dad said we are switching. PRIASE THE LORD.

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