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Does anyone here know about Geocaching?


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I know I post too much.

I was wondering if anyone here heard about Geocatching?

I thought it was fiction treasure hunt game using GPS to find the treasures (which is called catch)

When I type in Geocatching website, it was REAL.


Is true you can find treasure/catches with GPS?

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It's geoCACHing, not catching... And I've heard a little about it. People "plant" things in locations all over the world and then post latitude/longitude type locations - using a handheld GPS receiver, you can try to find what they've left behind (the CACHE).


I wouldn't think of the caches as treasures in the sense that you'll get rich finding the things - I believe they're more like little rewards for finding them. I also know that some request that if you find the cache and take it, you leave something else in its place for the next finder.


Hope that helps!

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Yes, its pronounced ( geocashing ) :cool: It is a very family oriented activity. It is basically a treasure hunt. You go online, find caches near you, and go find them. You use a GPS. Some caches have little treasures in them ( for kids ) like rubber snakes, toy cars, etc, others you just sign a log book. Once you find them, you go back online and enter a log that you found the cache. It gets the whole family outdoors together, if they are into that sort of thing. As of today, there are over 700,000 hidden around the world. :cool:

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