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Email i received outlining the situation at DC's union station.


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This message contains important information regarding your Amtrak

reservation for Washington, D.C., on January 20. Please read carefully.


You will be traveling through our nation's capital on a historic day as

the country inaugurates its 44th president. Due to extraordinary security

measures and large crowds associated with inaugural events, please read

the important travel tips and information below.


January 20 Inauguration Day Travel and Security


Because of the large crowds expected, use of the station should be limited

to Amtrak, MARC and VRE passengers. Due to extraordinary security measures

associated with inaugural events, as of early afternoon the food court and

most retail shops in Union Station will be closed. Please be mindful of

the following:


* Arrive at the station no earlier than one hour prior to your train's

departure time.


* Due to expected crowding and limited access to ticketing facilities at

Union Station in the afternoon, pick up your roundtrip tickets (your

inbound and return tickets) before you board your train for Washington.

Don't chance missing your train home by getting caught in the crowds

trying to get your return ticket.


* Access to the station in the afternoon will be limited to select points

of entry and much of the station will be closed to the general public.

Follow special signage to reach boarding gates for Amtrak, MARC and VRE



* Special traffic patterns in Washington, D.C., and specifically in and

around Washington Union Station will be in effect.


* Your safety and security are paramount. Please be patient and follow the

instructions of station personnel and law enforcement while boarding and

detraining, and exiting and entering Union Station.


* Due to the high volume of traffic expected, passengers on some trains

may be asked to remain on board for a brief period prior to detraining to

ensure the safe and orderly movement of passengers through Union Station.


* Restroom facilities in the station are limited and will be extremely

crowded, so consider using the restroom before detraining and before

returning to the station for your return trip. Portable restrooms will be

available outside the station.


* The station's food court and most retail shops will be closed early

afternoon; however, food service will be available aboard inbound and

outbound Amtrak trains.


* Amtrak cannot provide alternate transportation or accommodations in the

event of a service disruption.


* Pack lightly, as no lockers or storage facilities will be available in

the station. A list of prohibited items from the inaugural event sites and

locations is available on the District of Columbia inaugural Web site.


Heightened front-line and behind-the-scenes security measures will be

taken in stations and aboard trains, and may include:


* Amtrak Police officers and Mobile Security Teams


* Federal, state and local law enforcement and anti-terrorism forces


* K-9 units (please do not approach or pet police dogs)


* Identification checks


* Passenger, and carry-on and checked baggage screening


Passengers with disabilities and/or special needs should specifically

request assistance when making reservations. In addition, please notify

your conductor of any special needs.


Volunteers wearing high-visibility vests will also be on hand at

Washington Union Station to assist you.


Please visit http://Amtrak.com for additional information as January 20

approaches, particularly since some elements are subject to change.




Be sure to safeguard and maintain control of your personal belongings. If

you see any unattended baggage or suspicious activity on a train or in a

station, please alert Amtrak Police at 1-800-331-0008 or call 911.




If you are wondering, yes i'm going, and yes i will ask to take photos of trains, especially out of the ordinary consists & stuff.


- A

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This is one of those "failure is not an option" events so it's strict security. Hope you have a great time and take lots of pics.


Indeed. Thanks (F)red, i will! :P


- A

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