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The SEPTA Song


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It took me a while to make this song and a few days to write the words. I hope it's no offense to anyone. I admit it...I'm a bad rapper.




You can read along if you want


The first point that I want to clarify

I'll tell you the truth, this is no lie

I am the Buswizard, never forget it

Or the pants you're wearing, I'll make you wet it

By telling you if you forget who I am, son

You will get run over by 7101

So keep it in your brain, on the bus or the train,

or when you're riding the XH down Washington Lane

This song is for the listening pleasure of those

who wants to learn about SEPTA's bus depots

Who is fond of mass transit and thinks it's the best

to take a joyride from east to west

For those who don't think it's suicide

To look to Frontier for a Sunday ride

Have fun listening to this jammin' song

I tend to make mistakes, correct me if I'm wrong.


If you like riding 60-footers, then this is for you

They're my favorites, that sure is true

The Neoplan Artics that run in our streets

Can give unforgettable rides that can't be beat

This depot used to handle nothin' but artics

but they threw in 40-footers to make a nice mix

To serve you anytime whether sunny or rainy

Welcome to the territory run by Allegheny

When the Nweflyers came in I was stunned

They stole the 27 and 65's runs

I admit the 27 runs better with the mix

But I always get stalked by 5806

It finds me on the 6, 33 or 54

It stalks me o much I just wanna declare war

But if I want to ride artics, then the 60 is my bet

I still never rode a 40-footer on it yet.


To keep movin' on, I'm movin' to the west

To a place where you're buried up to your chest

By a batch of new hybrids that came in '08

When I saw them roam about, I just couldn't wait

I love to ride hybrids, even if they're slow

They smell good inside, pollution is low

Take a ride with me if you will

To a place where buses run from Callowhill

In the northeast there's another place

Where hybrids dominate the city's face

Where the Neo Artic #7101

Can be found serving Route 14's runs

From a place called Comly there are some routes

that take you to a place where you can buy fancy boots

Franklin Mills Mall, Neshaminy Mall

or Oxford Valley Mall, I'm sure they got it all


If you want to take a trolley that has no tracks

Then Frankford will treat you to the max

With restyled ETBs that give a smooth ride

With a style that makes you ride with pride


"Welcome to Route 66 service to City Line"


Enter a world of NABIs and New Flyers

Nothing here runs with batteries or wires

Route 18 is a mix of bricks and artics

Should Newflyers run, the operator picks

Finding a bus from Midvale is hard

'Cause midvale is SEPTA's biggest yard

If you want to go and find 5251

You'll have to search till the setting of the sun

If a bus stalks you then it'll be easy to find

It follows you around and plays with your mind

Take control, don't let it outrace ya,

If you go to Norristown ,it probably won't chase ya


they took away the trolleys, there are a few bricks

No matter what I say they never get artics

the bright side is, this place runs well

With New flyers fitted with Cummins ISL

Southern hybrids run here and there

A dull ride thru town is usually rare

Too bad we lost a faithful bus to a fire

One of the 8000-series New Flyers

Claim the victory, go further west

Take a suburban SEPTA quest

Whether you ride the 104 on a green machine

or your best friend lives near the 119

Red Arrow is the the place to ride for fun

On the Norristown line or the 101

Or the little ElDorados on the 103

Come feel free to ride with me


For those who like a north suburban ride

To go on Sunday would be pure suicide

Some routes take a Sunday rest here

Welcome to the sparing service of Frontier

You Got routes running up and down

West Chester, Trenton, Lansdale, Pottstoen

You Got a wonderful ride every day

Unless you ride a bumpy cutaway

With routes that run less than once an hour

Wait with me if you got the power

Skeletons have been found lying on the road

from passengers who couldn't take the load

Sike naw I'm just kidding it's all good

Unless Chesterbrook bears eat them up for food

Life is short you better live it up

Ride in Frontier when your nerve kicks up


FrFrFrfrfrontier frfrfrfFrontier.....

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Not bad. What is a "brick"?


My favorite buses are the ZFers at Southern.


SEPTA Nicknames:


Snakes/Accordion/double/etc. buses=artics

Bricks=Ikaruses or NABIs


Sharks=any New Flyer D40LF

Turtles=Southern Hybrids

Slug Whales/Humpback Whales=Hybrids

those are the popular nicknames for SEPTA buses, according to philadelphiatransitvehicles.net

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Now here's part 2


I like bus butts and I cannot lie

You SEPTA freaks can't deny

When you're at the bus stop with a camera on your waist

and an engine in your face

I get snappin'

That's right I'll make it happen

That's why I'm rappin'

You think this song is corny,

Well you're full of baloney

You can't go out romancin'

with 7101 when it's dancin'

Roll, stroll, till you hit a powerline pole

Hey drivers, drivers, does your bus have an engine?

I'm wishin' I'm wishin

you'd also start the transmission

SEPTA got jack


n-n-neo artics with a diesel engine


I like them square and tall

And at the mall, I just can't help myself

Im runnin and yellin' out loud


I run till my feet get blisters

For a bus at Chew and Wister

By myself or with my sister

Even in a blizzard or a twister

The engines run really well

With Cummins ISL

And tthe hybrids got good smell

So far they're clean as a bell

I might not drive a Honda

Or even a Neoplan anaconda

All I know is that their engines ain't shabby

Like those old NABIs

SEPTA got jack

ffffrffroorfffffrrrontier fffrrontier......

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Well, I'd wish there is some pop/rock version... I'll try to develop one but it'll take some monthes, :)...


Anyway, you still did a good job... Even though I don't like rap (no offense), :)...


Well I don't really like rap either....until I heard old school 80s music. Making rap is more fun to me than listening to it, sometimes.

The SEPTA song 3 will be coming soon, hopefully, but I haven't really developed it yet.

I don't sing, so don't expect any vocal songs or such.

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All right y'all Here goes the #3


Now this is the story all about why

My hatred for crowds grew up to the sky

I'll take a few minutes, just listen here

About why I hate bus crowds from Comly to Frontier


In North Philadelphia I run and race

For a bus that takes you place to place

Just sittin' still, just waitin' and hatin'

on a bus that sits there procrastinatin'

When the bubs in the back are always up to no good

I say no they wouldn't but yes they would

I hate crowded buses where the drivers shout

"Move to the back of the bus; we need to clear some space out"

I lost my cool and wanted to shout "Good Lord,

If you have a problem, just let us unboard"

But that would ruin the schedules of this humble colony

As they try to survive to Broad & Olney

When the artics showed up, the burden was light

Route 18 was running with no cares in sight

But when the shabby NABIs run, it is once again

More chaotic than a crashed jet plane!


With the use of artics, service has improved,

but due to demand, some of them moved

Thirty are at Comly, now that's plenty,

but PLEEZE put some of them on route 20

C'mon, Route 20 needs 'em bad,

The crowded Ikaruses really make me mad

If anything, artics on the 20 is rare,

But all for the 14? THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!!

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Part 4 is complete




WARNING!!!! I cannot sing!!

But hopefully you won't get a migraine by listening to this song.

This song is a brief overview of my joyride to Norristown back in 2008


It takes you to make a bus run right

It takes you to send it out of sight.

It takes you to make a bus run right

(I really cannot sing but)

It takes you to send it out of sight.



I wanna ride right now

I'm Buswizard, I came to get down

I'm not internationally known

And I don't need a microphone

Cause I'll get Stupid I mean outrageous

Bus-fanning is somewhat contagious

Ya know I'm a winner, I'm never a loser

Riding artics is what I choose-a

PTV loves me, Youtube adores me

I mean even the ones who never saw me

like...The way I rap 'bout a bus

I don't yell and I don't cuss so don't fuss 'cause


It takes you to make a bus run right

It takes you to send it out of sight.

(I cannot sing but I really suck now but)

It takes you to make a bus run right.

(it's really gettin kinds creepy)

It takes you to send it out of sight.



The situation that Buswizard's in:

Just thought I should try something different

School let out early so I went and tried

Route 100 Norristown High-Speed Ride

So I went to 69th Street Terminal

And I rode all the way to Norristown Terminal

The N5 ride was a lot of fun

From the beginning till the route was done.

Then I got off the weird-looking high speed line

And I looked for the station exit sign

I made up my mind as to what route to take

A cutaway ride would be a piece of cake

So I sat and I waited and I waited and I waited

and all of a sudden me cellphone vibrated



It takes you to make a bus run right


It takes you to send it out of sight.


It takes you to make a bus run right

vmmmm....(Stop vibrating you little cellphone)

It takes you to send it out of sight.


Mom called me. She wondered where I was

She wondered why it took so long to catch the bus

I hesitated and said with a frown

"Mom, it's me, I'm in Norristown"

She reacted as though she had seen a ghost

But I was the one who was scared the most

I thought I was gonna die

But that thought turned out to be a lie.

Instead of panicking and fearing the worst

she said "Don't ever go that far without calling me first".

So I caught the next 90 and I headed home

Promising myself I wouldn't go that far to roam cause...


It takes mom to make a bad boy cry

It takes dad to make a bad boy die

It takes mom to make a bad boy cry

It takes dad to make a bad boy die


I rode a cutaway for the very first time

I thought it would be smooth and oh so sublime

But that was a mistake, It was more than I could take

It felt like a 10.5 earthquake

It rattled like a tin can full of beans

It shook more than any bus I'd ever seen.

At every speed bump it would shake and quake

When I got off the bus, I had a booty ache

At Plymouth Meeting Mall, I ran to catch the L

the NABI I was on had a musky old amell

I'm glad I Got a seat 'cause the bus crowded quick

I really really wish route L still had Neo artics.

I wish at least Midvale had a Newflyer to send

But my epic joyride has been brought to an end

I made it home and I had a good day,

But for goodness' sake avoid the cutaways!!


It takes you to make a bus run right

It takes you to send it out of sight.

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