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What Line Is More Scenic? Brighton or Dyre?

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I wanted to make a poll on this but I guess I cannot at this time.


So, which of these line do you think is more scenic? Brighton or Dyre?


and please, its not which line you like better. Don't base this on how fun it is to ride, sentimental value, what kind of trains run on it, or how fast the trains go. Just the beauty of the line.


I personally can't decide...


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The Brighton is much better then the Dyer but...The Dyer utilizes many features the Brighton doesn't have. For one the use of grand style station houses, railroad trestles similar to the one near the Hell Gate or my personal favorite Woodbridge NJ, and the stations are all different. You've been to one Brighton line station you've seen em' all. For a train: Brighton!!!! (:)(Q) From the platform: Dyer!!!!!(5)<5>

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Well idc, im sticking with Dyre.. ANd im the only one LOL


Gotta stick up for my lovely (2)(5):)


DYre because its the Only one that is based like a railroad for the IRT..


Brighton, Sea Beach and the norther part of the West End line [9th ave]. Is almost the same thing anyways...

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I'm torn between the (Q) and the (5). I grew up on the Brighton and Brighton-Franklin when they were known as the BMT #1 and BMT #7 lines. I've ridden that line since they ran triplexes on it. I remember the first Brightliners ( R32) when they ran there and the line, from Prospect Park to Stillwell, is the most interesting one. Plenty of variety, especially if you include the original Franklin Ave end. The (5) Dyre is basically all railroad ,open cut, embankment and trestle in a short 5 stop run from East 180 st to Dyre Ave. It's only 11 minutes long. The original station houses, including Unionport, are what stand out on that run. That and the fact that some stations like Morris Park are both above street level at one end and below street level at the other end. Plenty of history on both sides but even though I've been a m/m on the (5) for over 20 years I've got to go with the Brighton from Stillwell to Prospect Park and on to Franklin because of it's length and variety.

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