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My Sat Rail/Shuttle Bus Fan trip Plan- this Sat.

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My plan before going to Metropolitan Museum of Art since it open until 8:45pm.

(7) to 74th St-Broadway

(E)(F) to Kew Garden

(E) Shuttle Bus to Jamaica Center

(E) Shuttle Bus to Kew Garden

(E) to Jamaica-179th St

(F) to West 4th St

(A) to Beach 90th St

(A) Shuttle Bus to Far Rockaway

(A) Shuttle Bus to Beach 90th St

(A) to Rockaway Park

(A) to Chambers St-Park Place

(2) to Chambers St

(1) Shuttle Bus to South Ferrry

(1) Shuttle Bus to Chambers St

(2) to 14th St

(1) to 96th St

(2) Shuttle Bus to 145th St

(3) Shuttle Bus to 148th St

(3) Shuttle Bus to 135th St

(2) Shuttle Bus to 149th St-GC

(5) to Wakefield-241st St

(5) to E. 180th St

(5)(S)to dyre Av

(5)(S) to E. 180th St

(5) to 149th St-GC

Express Shuttle Bus to 96th St

(1) to 168th St

Broadway Shuttle Bus to 207th St

Broadway Shuttle Bus to 168th St

Ft. Wash Av Shuttle Bus to 190th St

Ft. Wash Av Shuttle Bus to 168th St

(A) to 59th St

(D) to Coney Island

(G) to Hoyt-Schermerhorn

(F) to Euclid Av

(F) to Broadway Junction

(L) to Bedford Av

(L)(S) to Union Sq

(L)(S) to 1st Av

(L) Shuttle Bus/M14 to 8th Av

(A) to 42nd St-PABT/Times Sq

(N) via (R) to Whitehall St

(R) to Queens Plaza

(7) Shuttle Bus to Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av

(7) Shuttle Bus to 23rd St-Ely Av

(E) to Lex Av/53rd St

(6) to 86th St

If I didn't make to museum before 7pm, I'll take (E) straight to Roosevelt Av for (7) home.

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You actually WANT to ride on shuttle service buses? You're NUTS man. I avoid shuttle buses at all costs.

Yes. Both (S) Bus and single (S) train.

I like to see what bus depots shuttle buses are coming from.

I also want to study the route of (S) Bus.

I never been on (E) shuttle bus bet. Kew Garden and Jamaica Center because I cannot try the overnight service.

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(F) To Euclid Ave

(F) To BWJ


When does this happen? What's happening on the (F) line?


This weekend.


(F) Trains run between 179 St and Euclid Av (C)


(G) Trains replace (F) between Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts and Stillwell Av


Weekend, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon, Jan 24 - Feb 2


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This weekend.


Because of (G) taking over Culver Line, (F) is replacing (C) on Fulton St Local while (A) remains Fulton St Express.


Yuki, that's just nuts. Of all the things, WHY SHUTTLE BUSES?


G.O, IIRC, it's Jay Street work again. The F will stop on the A side at that station while they work on the F side.


Hooleee Guacamole Batman! That's almost tempting enough to break out my rail fan cape and go surfing! FNYL please please please take pics!


Now they HAVE to extend the (G) to full length!

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