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Pokemon Name is Transit Name

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I have Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team for Game Boy Advance.

I name all my Pokemon after Transit.

When I answer my question, I became Squirtle, then evolve to Wartortle.

Turtleshell Pond Station:

Wartortle: Yuki E

Azurill: M79



Mist-Rise Forest Station

Weedle: Tappan Zee Express

Yamma: (NJT)107

Yamma: Q113 LTD

Ledyba: N72


Flyaway Forest Station


Swablu: (1)

Swablu: (2)

Swablu: X10 again


Hoothoot: CTT31

Murkrow: M34


Overgrown Forest Station

Scyther: M98 LTD

Heracross: SIR R44

Pinsir (NJT)13N


Energetic Forest Station

Pikachu: M2 LTD

Mankey: Bx12SBS

Stantler: W21


Decrepit Lab Station

Ditto: M15SBS

Mr. Mime: M15 CH

Mr. Mime: X90

Mr. Mime: M66


Power Plant Station:

Magmemite: M60

Voltorb: W52

Voltorb: W14

Voltorb: W55

Voltorb: W21

Voltorb; B38 LTD


Peanut Swamp Station

Wooper: (C)


Rub-a-Dub River Station

Illumise: SCT58


Mt. Deepgreen Station

Geodude: R44

Shuckle: M42 PIERS83

Teddiursa: S89 LTD

Gligar:LIT (Long Island Transit)


Darkness Ridge Station

Absol: Q72


Thunder Meadow Station

Plusle: Q47

Chimecho: Q110

Chimecho: (SEPTA)17

Chimecho: (NJT)62


Electrike: Q3

Electrike: M101 LTD


Jungle Station

Tangela: R68

Tangela: SVJ A (Spring Valley Jitney Route A)


Safari Station

Nidoran Female: N6

Nidoran Male: N79

Phanpy: M86

Ryhorn: R160

Tauros: (SEPTA21

Tauros: Q23


Treasure Se Station

Carvanha: M15 CH


Seafllor Cave Station:

Kyogre: Q32

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