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Either the B35 and B46 are Getting Better or my Luck is Really Changing Orionwise


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What the title says.


Alright, I took the (4) to Utica Avenue and took the B46 to Church Avenue for the B35. Whilst I was on the B46, not only did I catch 3928 but along with that I saw three other NGs on that route. I thought that was only on the B44 in that frequency, but anyways... And the bus I caught (3928) was NOT CROWDED AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tup::tup:


Also, when I took the B35, I saw a minimum of three Orion VII CNGs on that route. Is that luck or is just good judgment on the part of the depots that run these alternate routes?


Do tell me.

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The depots don't operate routes based on 'type'. Usually if the buses are lined up and ready to go, it's up the Yard Dispatcher to monitor the state of each bus, meaning they won't send a bus out a run that's going to be out all day when it's scheduled for maintenance at a certain time; so they'll send out a bus on a short run knowing it will be back in time.


That's just an example.


So, that said: it happened to luck for you.

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