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Levittown station is WEIRD!!! (other things too)

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I have discovered that the R7 levittown station used to be in a different place, and have a road over the tracks...



See it? I do. I see pre-interstate thinking in the station layout. There was likely a sidewalk for pedestrians on the road where it crossed, but in 1930 perhaps you simply drove to the side you needed to use, no fomal pedestrian crossing at all.


Near the far end of the trenton bound platform there is some concrete which i believe was laid down to block people from driving onto the tracks when the grade crossing was removed. Next time i'm there i will take many photos.


Also, it's odd to see that the current platforms would have obstructed sidings that used to be there. Part of the rails is still there. You can really see where old meets new, pre-war and post war right next to each other.


There are the forgotten remnants of a siding as well in my town which went to a farm and garden supply store a long, long time ago near the newtown station, but a little further back before the station towards philly.


Note the geometrically shaped clearing running north from the indicated rail line:



The more i discover these sidings and such the more it saddens me that so much was lost to careless planning and thoughtlessness on the part of the government and locals to allow half of our track miles to vanish from service in the span of 25 years. Billions for airports, roads, road bridges, bailouts for car makers, tax breaks for developers who build near highways etc while our rails slowly get paved over and are left to rust. :mad::tdown:


- A

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